5 Ways to Keep Your Carpet Clean and “Green”

Your carpet can be one of the dirtiest places in your home. Pets, people, and food are constantly coming in contact with your carpet on a daily basis, so it is important to provide proper care for your carpets and rugs in your house. Unfortunately, there are many cleaning products that can be toxic if ingested or if you breathe them, and it is often unsafe to leave chemicals around the house when there are young children present. Some dangerous chemicals can include pesticides, acids, lye and even formaldehyde. Side effects from these chemicals can result in an allergic reaction, respiratory illness, and/or a weakened immune system.

Going Organic at Home

Fortunately, there are many ways to go organic and reduce chemical dependency for cleaning products at home. Here are some easy ways to stay green and avoid any health risks while cleaning your carpet:

1) Start by installing organic carpeting throughout the house. Many non-organic carpeting brands can contain traces of polypropylene and other toxic chemicals, especially in the padding underneath. Organic carpets are typically made of wool and cotton and are never saturated with chemical residue.

2) Vacuum regularly. Vacuuming can help bring a lot of particulates and dirt out of the carpet that would otherwise be ground in over time, allowing stains and grime to set deeper into the carpet fibers. Not only will the carpet look better, but air pollutants are also minimized if the carpet is vacuumed about once a week. A tip for unwanted pet hair – Use a wet rubber dish washing glove on your hand to rub over surfaces and quickly pick up pet hair.

3) Natural Spot cleaning – Use equal parts of white vinegar and water and let the solution sit on the stain for a few minutes. Use a sponge to blot up the excess liquid, and pat dry. Repeat as needed, depending on the severity. For very difficult stains, make a paste with baking soda and vinegar, and apply to the stain. When dry, vacuum it up. Reuse old clothes to wipe up stains, such as old socks and t-shirts, instead of buying rags at the store.

4) Maintaining your carpet – For best results, professionally clean your carpet once or twice a year. There are local “green” carpet cleaning companies that do not use any hazardous chemicals, and they do deep vacuuming and clean way down to the padding, so stains that are deep-set will no longer come through. These “green” cleaning companies use “Green Seal Certified” techniques and proper disposal methods for the cleaning solutions, and are less expensive than you’d think. They also use vacuum cleaners that are “Green Labeled Approved” to help improve air quality while cleaning.

5) Being mindful of what cleaners and materials you bring into the home will allow you peace of mind, as well as provide a safe environment for you and your family!

About the Author: S. Sparks is a writer for small businesses and online stores with an emphasis on health and beauty. Some of her most recent work includes articles at TVTopTen.com and Carpet Cleaning San Diego.

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    Keeping your carpet and home clean while trying to worry about chemicals in cleaning products as well is so important, especially when you have children. Have you ever tried a Whirlpool air purifier for your home? They are great for the upcoming flu season.

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