Searching for a meaningful and unique gift for the expecting mom this holiday season? Bellybuds® are a safe and convenient option for sharing music, voices and/or sound with the baby-to-be via their “bellyphones” that adhere to the belly with medical-grade, reusable and skin-safe hydrogel rings. They’re easy to wear (they can go right under your clothes) and affordable at under $50! They have just launched a NEW innovative VoiceShare™ application that allows mom to share unique audio with baby. Friends and family (no matter where their location) can record a message for baby to be played via Bellybuds. This is a great gift option for military families, adoptive parents, surrogates, etc. this holiday season!

What’s the buzz about the buds? The inspiration for Bellybuds® is Jama Williamson of NBC’s “Parks and Recreation.” Williamson is the co-founder’s wife and pregnant with her second daughter. What does she have to say?

“A few weeks ago we went to our OB/GYN and found out that our baby was in the breech position. Before our next visit a couple weeks later, I used my bellybuds several times and put them very low on my abdomen in hopes that she would turn downward. Well, when we went back in, sure enough she had turned! My best friend did the same thing with her buds and her baby turned downwards within 24 hours!”

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