Five DIY Family Crafts for Your Thanksgiving Table

Thanksgiving is a time of warmth and expressing thankfulness as family and friends gather together for the holiday. Provide an inviting Thanksgiving table for your guests with these easy, inexpensive and adorable DIY crafts.

The Main Attraction

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Pumpkin Candles make a bright and natural centerpiece for your Thanksgiving celebration. Gather a variety of medium and small pumpkins for the center of your table. Carve out around the stem of every one, filling each hole with a small votive or tealight.

As a variation, purchase a number of tiny pumpkins found in your local grocery store. Make a hole for tealights in the center of each gourd. Fill a large glass bowl with water and float the tiny pumpkins, lighting the candles. Use various shades of tealights to add splashes of color to the center of the pumpkins and to your Thanksgiving meal.

A Personal Touch

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Handprints, with the thumb as the turkey’s head and the fingers as feathers, make great do-it-yourself placemats. For the traditional look, enlist the help of your children. Paint the palms of their hands with brown tempera paint using a simple sponge brush. Have your kids stamp their palms onto large pieces of light-colored construction paper. Use different colors of tempera paint – like blue, green, red and yellow – and your kids’ fingers to stamp feathers onto the handprint turkeys. Add desired decorations and laminate the placemats for many years of happy use.

As a variation, trace your child’s handprint onto cardstock and cut out. Use this pattern to trace and cut handprints from construction or scrapbooking paper, layering them so that the fingers overlap, making the turkey’s feathers. Glue the palms of the handprints together to secure. Designate one thumb as the head of the turkey and decorate it, then glue the entire turkey onto a large piece of heavy paper to make the placemat.

Holding a Place

Napkin holders can be expensive, but this easy DIY craft makes them inexpensive and fun. Cut a toilet paper or paper towel roll into two inch segments. Using glue or a craft adhesive, cover each segment with a variety of dried corn and beans. Vary the designs by making different patterns, or make each guest’s initials part of the overall design of each napkin ring.

A Family Decoration

Originally intended as a classroom project, this Family Tree would make a wonderful addition to a Thanksgiving table. Simply print out the tree and the accompanying leaves, filling in your own Family Tree information. Use markers, colored pencils, glue, glitter and other craft materials to decorate the tree!

For a tree that’s more thankful in nature, use the leaves to write or draw what you and your family are thankful for. Keep the tree close to your Thanksgiving table to spark conversation about what everyone around the table is grateful for this holiday season.

A Treat for Your Sweets

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Cupcakes make a simple, versatile and fun decoration as well as dessert! Make a dozen or more cupcakes as a base for your family’s creativity. Supply a variety of different candies, dried fruits, nuts, sprinkles and even cookies for your family members to make distinctive turkeys and pilgrims. Make decorating dessert a must before dinner, and let these desserts provide fun and inexpensive DIY decorations for your Thanksgiving table.

Kelly Wilson is an editor for Teaching Resource Center, a Teacher Store providing family-friendly activities and teaching materials for over 25 years.

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