SPF 30 mineral sunscreen from little twig is perfect for the cool crisp days of fall. The organic SPF 30+ sunscreen has a luxurious creamy texture that smoothes over skin easily. Ideal for sensitive skin, the chemical free unscented formula is non-irritating and water resistant. The cream is loaded with antioxidants, making it a treat for the skin! The sunscreen is safe for the entire family making it perfect for upcoming outdoor festivities.

The owner of little twig, Lenie Ramos, has a firm commitment to growing and maintaining a green company. In addition to sunscreen, little twig makes fun and unique bath and body products. Check out the adorable gift sets just in time for the holidays! The entire line can be viewed at www.littletwig.com.

This review was written by Kirstin Robison, who has a passion for everything beauty and travel related. Often found scouring articles and store shelves for the latest must-haves, Kirstin prefers to stay on top of trends. Nothing inspires her more than to find extraordinary products that really work and make life easier. Having traveled to many exotic locations, Kirstin understands the value of products that offer practical benefits. Writing for “Tiny Green Mom” gives her the opportunity to discover new products that make a difference for the user and the planet.

*Company generously provided samples and images for this review*