Yes, can you believe it? Cold & flu season has descended upon us once again! Besides wearing a mask, latex gloves and covering yourself head-to-toe with plastic wrap to keep germs at bay, you can stock your “natural” medicine cabinet up with the following cold and flu busters!

Natural Cold & Flu Busters

Vibrance Multivitamin by Reserveage Organics

Nothing is better at keeping colds and flu at bay than preventive care! This organic daily multivitamin, Vibrance Multivitamin by Reserveage Organics, includes power-packed superfruits such as acai, mangosteen, goji and pomegranate. In addition, this multivitamin also boasts a Whole Green Food/Spirulina Blend and a Super Veggie Powder Blend.

LIP CLEAR Lysine+ Cold Sore Treatment

Cold and flu season also can mean unsightly cold sores & fever blisters pop up prior to hitting those holiday parties! LIP CLEAR Lysine+ Cold Sore Treatment, an all-natural treatment, utilizes active zinc oxide, as well as lysine (an essential amino acid) and 14 other natural ingredients to help treat cold sores faster. “Mom’s” husband swears by this little treatment for treating cold sores naturally!

According to a Southern California University of Health Sciences study:

  • LIP CLEAR Lysine+ reduced the duration of cold sores by 50% or more compared to untreated cold sores
  • Median time to complete cold sore healing was four days
  • Cold sores treated with LIP CLEAR Lysine+ healed faster than with leading OTC or prescription brands costing three to five times more
  • Within three days, cold sore symptoms that were either completely eliminated or dramatically reduced, included tingling, burning, itching, tenderness, prickling, soreness and blistering
  • A remarkable 40% of the participants had full cure by end of the third day.

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Xigo (which means “life force”) offers total support for both adults and children in a pleasant-tasting chewable supplement. Lightly sweetened naturally with Stevia, Xigo is made up of 3 key ingredients that work together synergistically, L-glutamine, beta-glucans and lactoferrin. Xigo is perfect for those traveling during the holiday season, as it comes in convenient packets that can tuck into a pocket or purse.


When flu symptoms begin, the homeopathic remedy, Oscillococcinum, may reduce the severity of the symptoms. Oscillo® is supported by published clinical studies, as well as more than 65 years of use throughout the world. With both adult and children’s formulations, it can be taken by children ages 2 years and older.

Zarbee’s Children’s Cough Syrup

Developed by a pediatrician, Zarbee’s is all-natural, and is the safest cough syrup available for young children. In fact, it is the ONLY cough syrup available for children that are 12 months of age. Made with antioxidant- rich, dark honey, each dosage of Zarbee’s Children’s Cough Syrup provides the recommended daily Vitamin C requirement, too!

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