The treasure troves of home decorating have long existed inside of stores such as Home Depot, Bed Bath & Beyond, and Costco. If one was looking to be cost efficient, the online world of Amazon & EBay changed the frontier of home goods shopping. But this isn’t where it ends anymore.

With the trend of being green/eco-friendly exploding in every aspect of living, including the way we shape our homes, folks around the country are implementing ideas, stores, and websites who cater to that trend in their home revamping plans.

But how far do they really go? Well, offers home shoppers a chance to not only recycle their own goods, but to indulge in the old adage “one person’s junk is another person’s treasure”. But why should one, with all of the brand-new, perfectly packaged items sitting on shelves, partake in sprucing up their home with reused and recycled items?

One Person’s Junk is Another Person’s Treasure

1. It Cuts Down on the Waste

a. The EPA estimated that 160 million tons of construction and building material ends up in landfills each year; it wouldn’t hurt to take some of that off their hands for a smaller price than the store and save some space in the Earth

b. It lessens the amount of materials sitting in storage, in one’s garage, or cluttering up the basement just wasting space and money

c. The amount of packaging materials used with new products compared to used ones is almost diminished. Since less new products need to be produced, packaged and shipped, there’s an enormous opportunity for a substantial reduction in the overall environmental footprint that is left from home improvement projects

2. Saves YOU Money

a. You can purchase reusable materials for more than ½ what you’d pay for in a store

b. You don’t spend time or gas driving from store to store, comparing prices and products; you look online in the comfort of your house and get the product

c. You have the chance to re-do an entire room, or even house, on the same budget you’d only get a handful of things from a store

3. Opens Opportunity

a. Think of the things you see in your friends storage spaces; the kooky, off-the-wall décor you think you’d only find digging through piles at vintage stores or getting lucky at a yard sale. Now think of the opportunity that lies in a world where people are selling those eccentric and original objects- that’s an opportunity to spice up your space with things that you couldn’t track down at your everyday decoration outlet.

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