There are tons of nursing covers available today and it can be quite a task for a nursing mom or mom-to-be to sort through all the different styles and designs to find the perfect one for her!

To help moms become familiar with what is available below are the most common types and the pros and cons of each so that moms can make an informed decision without searching endlessly for information.

Which Nursing Cover is Right for You?


Ponchos go on directly over the head, have full coverage around the front sides and back and fall down to the hips. These are very modern and new to the nursing cover market. The DRIA Nursing Cover is probably the best known.

• Pros: These are full coverage but made of comfortable, breathable material. More modern and available in a variety of prints that can be worn just as a fashion accessory with a pair of jeans. These also double as a car seat and stroller cover.

• Cons: Because these tend to be made of high-quality fabrics and are more versatile than just a nursing cover, they are a bit more expensive than other covers.


Shawls are similar to ponchos but are usually much shorter, falling just below the belly-button. They go over the head and cover the shoulders. They do not have any arm holes so it is completely open underneath.

• Pros: These are usually more lightweight than other covers and easy to hold the baby while getting situated.

• Cons: Large neck hole often slips off the shoulders so it is difficult to keep in place. Capes tend to be very short in front and back leaving exposed skin. Not very fashionable – stands out and is obvious to everyone that mom is nursing.


Slings hang over one shoulder and cross the front of mom’s body to the opposite side’s hip and around the back. The baby rests in the sash on mom’s belly.

• Pros: These are great for carrying newborns and many can be used for nursing. Designed for the mom who is very comfortable nursing in public as they do not cover the baby. Good for hot climates because the baby is exposed.

• Cons: Babies can be easily distracted since they are out in the open. The nipple is also exposed prior to latching and some breast will always show. Moms need to wear a button-down shirt or nursing blouse. They are a bit difficult to put on and get situated.


Aprons are designed similar to a kitchen apron, with a loop that goes over the head and is open on the back and sides.

• Pros: Lightweight, easy to put on with one hand. Aprons are longer in the front than a lot of other covers.

• Cons: Does not cover your back or sides so mom needs to wear a button-down shirt or special nursing blouse to stay covered.

Each type of nursing cover has its positive and negative aspects and it really depends on mom’s level of comfort nursing in public on much coverage she may need.

About the Author: S. Sparks is a writer for small businesses and online stores with an emphasis on health and beauty. Some of her most recent work includes articles and press for Budget Wine sites and San Diego DUI Lawyer sites.

*Image provided by DRIA Nursing Cover.*

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