Fresh Ideas for the New Year!

By Emily Freelove

The Holidays are here and time is moving fast, before we realize it the New Year will be here! Time to make our list for the changes we plan to make in the upcoming year. This year, why not make changes that will affect more than just ourselves and instead that will change your family tree for years to come. What better change could we possibly make than one that will outlast our lifetime!

Our first goal should be to stop and take the time to truly “ stop and smell the flowers. ur schedules are so busy and cluttered with activities that aren’t of quality or that are unproductive. Prioritize your life and clear the clutter and recognize the natural beauty that surrounds us.

Cleanse your body of unnatural substances and focus on more healthy and organic choices. This doesn’t have to be a change that breaks the bank. Get your family involved and plant a garden or even a community garden. Get your hands in the dirt and really become involved in growing the food that you put into your body. Our bodies are complex and awesome and we need to treat them with respect. When you put garbage in, you get garbage out.

Refresh your home with live plants, greener products and natural beauty. Take the opportunity to place live plants in and around your home to provide oxygen and cleanse the air. Your home is the cornerstone of your life and when you can become refreshed and renewed you can start the day with more energy, insight and a wonderful new outlook.

Take the time this New Year to make changes that will benefit you in more ways that just one. Renew yourself mind, body and spirit and enjoy your life to the fullest. Remember the things that seem to be so small to us, recycling, planting a tree, growing your own food and eating more natural and organic foods. These things seem so small to us but make an impact on our entire family. Won’t you make a change this coming New Year?

Emily Freelove is a mom of 3 children living in Tennessee. She is the author of the blog Saving With a Plan and focusing on helping others to live within their means financially while living “green.