Searching for a last-minute gift for the expecting mom-to-be this season? Look no further than TrueWomb™ – it is a gift that both mama and her precious cherub will really appreciate, especially in those first few months after baby’s arrival! The TrueWomb™ sleep system helps to ease newborns and infants into slumber, providing a safe, secure womb-like feeling. For those parents and caregivers new to swaddling, TrueWomb™ makes it a breeze for anyone to quickly and snugly swaddle a fussy baby. With easy-to-follow instructions, this innovative new sleep system helps to soothe and calm little ones in no time.

What are the Advantages to Swaddling?

  • Helps babies feel safe and secure while adapting to life outside the womb
  • Provides the “4th Trimester” that babies need for proper development
  • Promotes longer periods of quality sleep for newborns and infants, important for health and development
  • Helps control the startle reflex of newborns and infants to improve sleep patterns
  • Helps induce babies’ natural calming reflex to reduce fussiness and stress
  • Reduces the risk of SIDS by letting babies sleep on their backs
  • Helps colic by providing snug abdomen pressure and better sleeping patterns

What are the Advantages to Using the TrueWomb™ Swaddle?

  • Patent-pending design mimics the comforting form and function of the womb
  • SwaddleTech™ pouch allows baby’s legs to kick and stretch, returning them to the naturally desired fetal position while at rest
  • SecureSleeve™ escape-proof arm pockets allow movement of the arms
  • ComfortWrap™ belt adjusts for growth and provides a gentle, snug fit
  • Two-stage swaddle system supports evolving needs as baby develops and grows
  • Lightweight, breathable, four-way stretch cotton fabric helps to prevent overheating
  • Improves quality of sleep by reducing the “startle reflex”
  • Reduces gastrointestinal colic symptoms
  • Enhances feeding
  • 100% money-back guarantee

Mom” wishes that she had discovered the TrueWomb™ Swaddle much earlier! With a high-need baby who constantly needed to be held, rocked, sung to, and swaddled, this sleep system would have made swaddling her little one that much easier!

The TrueWomb™ Swaddle is available in two designs, the Sleeping Swaddle and the Daytime Weaning Swaddle, and costs a reasonable $39.99. To learn more about TrueWomb™, to locate a retailer near you, or to order, please visit

*Company generously provided samples and images for this review.*

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  1. Rebecca
    Rebecca says:

    Hi Tiny Green Mom – I’m Rebecca with TrueWomb – Thanks so much for the great review – we’ve had some new customers reference your shout out! We’d like to think you did us and them both a favor… Have a great Holiday Season!

  2. Tiny Green Mom
    Tiny Green Mom says:

    Thanks for the kind words, Rebecca! We are happy to hear that others are enjoying the benefits of TrueWomb, as well! Have a wonderful holiday season, and thanks again for the opportunity to host a giveaway!

    Warmly, “Mom”

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