Leslie McCann, founder of My Mama’s Love, stopped by Tiny Green Mom for a quick interview, and wow – what a powerfully driven woman in all facets of her life! From her business to her own life, she is a true inspiration! Oh, did we mention that her product line is simply eco-fabulous?

An Interview with Leslie McCann, Founder of My Mama’s Love

Tell us About Your Eco-Inspired Company.

The creation of my first product (Complete Skin Ailment Curative) was driven out of pure desperation. My daughter’s skin issues were so bad that diaper changes were painful for both of us. She also had scratches all over from scratching her itchy and eczema-ridden skin; she’d scratch herself until she bled. When I found a solution, I could not keep it to myself knowing there were other parents out there who were equally as frustrated with what they were finding on the market. The first commitment I made was that all my products would be safe enough to eat. It eventually evolved into eco-friendly, too.

How do you choose to go green in your own life?

It’s been a process, and I am still learning new things all the time. I am aware of everything I buy now, where before I just didn’t think about the packaging, where something came from, what eco-system was affected by the manufacturing process, or how far something traveled – thereby creating all sorts of eco-insults. I think long and hard before I buy something, I do a great deal of shopping at consignment stores and on Craigslist. I buy local and I grow my own food (when my thumbs cooperate, that is). I recently swore off bottled water and using any new bags whatsoever. I compost my food scraps for my garden and I buy organic almost exclusively. Most of my choices originated from considering the health of my family, but as I learned more, it became painfully obvious that without considering our planet, we are feeding into the viscous cycle which is affecting all of our health.

Guilty green pleasure?

Theo’s organic chocolate – a divine local company!

Can you offer any encouraging words for those with a small sustainable business?

Oh, boy. Well, I guess I’d say that if you’re in it for the profit, you should probably reconsider. It’s not that you can’t be profitable being good to people and planet, it’s just that if you are blinded by profit-potential, it’s much easier to fall into eco-offending traps. Even in the few short years I’ve been in business the prices on eco-friendly products have come down and the options have gone up, however, there are still less expensive options when you go with things that are not planet/people friendly – and they are much less work to find. We have to think of ourselves as a cooperative – all of us eco-friendly businesses – we are working together to change something much more significant than the “average balance” in our bank account. The more of us who stick to the goal, the more we contribute to the well-being of mankind and the planet, spread consciousness and conscientiousness and eventually should enjoy a larger monetary gain with less effort. But, most importantly, we are making it easier for other companies to follow in our footsteps by setting up the demand – if you think of us all as cooperative partners, the need to compete goes away, because we are all after the same thing: change.