What’s In It for Me?

Are you living your life the way you hoped or the way you think you have to? There are a million reasons people believe they are “stuck” in their specific situation from economic to health or relational reasons. It is true some situations can’t easily be changed if at all but that doesn’t mean you are “stuck”. Your resolve to move forward or stay where you are is internal and you can tweak your situation often by just your thoughts and reactions.

Choose to not be surrounded by negative people or situations, to not gossip and lose your integrity over issues that you realize corrode your goals. Don’t allow others to influence where you could be if you were true to yourself. Don’t continue to make excuses or look for reasons to validate your failures. Admit your mistakes and resolve to do ONE thing differently next year to be true to yourself.

Whenever anyone suggests adding anything to your platter, do you do what most people do? Do you ask, “What’s in it for me?” (WIIFM) You should! Your time is not replaceable and your energy can’t be spread in too many directions if you want to be successful. But everyone wants to leave this world better for having been in it and yet many don’t believe they will ever have enough time.

You only go around once in life. If you want something to be in it for you (and you should) then you have to move in the direction of your goals. Maybe you need to stop procrastinating and take a course or develop your skills to help you achieve a much wanted career or lifestyle. Don’t allow yourself to be a victim of your excuses. If thinking you are too poor, too shy, too old, too inexperienced or too busy to get what you want out of life has been part of the reason you aren’t moving ahead, stop the next time you rationalize why you are not moving on because of those excuses and respond with ONE change to get what you want. If you want to have more free time but can’t figure out how to squeeze it in, find a friend and barter services… you watch kids for her and she gets to the gym; she makes dinner for your family once weekly and you get an evening of soaking in the tub with a good book. If you want to make an impact in the world but think you have no resources; chase that thought away and spend some time weekly trying volunteer opportunities; help at an animal rescue, read to some disadvantaged children, pack food at a food bank, collect for a worthy cause.

If you are concerned that your lot in life is permanent it is only because you are letting what is determine what can be. There are incredible stories of individuals who most of us would assume have no choices, who have impacted their own life and others in incredible ways because they were determine to NOT let a situation decide their life.

You are the master of your soul; the captain of your fate. You can decide what is in it for you. Be the difference in your own life. This year…create your life’s bucket list; not only what you eventually want to accomplish but who and how you eventually want to be and make ONE resolution that gets you there daily; whether it is in finding a mentor to meet with regularly to guide you, replacing every negative thought and excuse with a positive suggestion, or waking up glad to be alive to try ONE more day to achieve the life you want.

Stop thinking about why you can’t or shouldn’t and start thinking about what is in it for you.

Sit down today and write your life’s mission statement; what you want your life to reflect. Stop excusing where you are because of what has happened and start realizing where you can be. Take your mission statement along with your bucket list, frame it and put it where you will see it daily and every day take ONE step to finish the way you want to.

We all are running the same race and someday the clock will run out. None of us know when that will be. Making an excuse or permitting our thoughts to prevent us from attaining the life we hope to claim is a foolish way to waste precious time. It’s your race; your life…WIIFM? (What’s in it for you?).As long as you have that mission statement and bucket list…that is what is in it for you! Another chance, another opportunity, another purpose, another year.

You make the choices…what will it be; another excuse or the race of your life? I’m going for it, how about you?

*This guest article was written by Kathy Brunner, of One More Serving. She would love for you to visit her site!

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