When spring rolls around each year, the first thing on the mind of many people is when they can get their spring cleaning started. Opening the windows with rolled up sleeves; you can make your home fresh all over again. The problem that a lot of people have during this time is the harshness of the cleaning products. However, by making a few easy changes, you can clean without causing any harm to your own health, as well as that of your children and pets.

“Green” Up Your Spring Cleaning!

The best way to green up your spring cleaning is to get rid of all of the commercial cleaning products that you have in the home. Most of them will contain chemicals that can actually be very harmful. The fumes can cause the air in the home to be polluted and you can just imagine the damage they cause after they are drained into the sewage. Whether you choose to buy green cleaners or make your own, you will find your spring cleaning goes just as smoothly as it would use the commercial ones.

All-Purpose/Glass Cleaners

One of the first things to consider is what type of all purpose or glass cleaners you use. Many of them contain ammonia, which can be very harmful to the lungs, as well as are an irritant to the eyes. A green alternative to these are to use a mixture of 2 gallons of water, 3 tablespoons of vinegar, and just ½ cup of liquid castile soap. If the vinegar smell is not to your liking, you can substitute it with lemon juice and get the same results.

Toilet Cleaners

You can also green up your cleaning by changing up your toilet cleaner. Many of the cleaners you find will contain bleach, which again, can be very unsafe. The best way to clean your toilet safely is to use one or two denture cleansing tablets. Let them soak in the toilet overnight and, in the morning, you will have a sparkling toilet. You can also use the mixture of 1 cup of borax with ¼ cup vinegar and let that sit overnight, as well.

Bathtub and Tile Cleaners

For a lot of people, cleaning the bathtub and tiles are the worst. The cleaners used for this purpose often have a chemical called sodium hydroxide, which can cause chemical burns to the skin. To get a good scrubbing agent for this tough area, you can mix ¼ cup baking soda with ½ cup of white vinegar. When you want an aromatic cleanser, you could choose to do a mixture of a teaspoon of the liquid soap, 1 cup of baking soda, and just enough water to make it more liquid. Add in a few drops of aromatic oil, such as peppermint oil and you have a great smelling cleanser.

If you want to green up your spring cleaning and the above sounds just too difficult, you also have the option to buy organic cleaning products. You will want to look for those that do not contain any harmful ingredients. It is also important to consider the packaging, as the last thing you want to do is use those that are not package with the environment in mind.

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