Green Living: Tips to Save Water at Home

Believe it or not, there are a number of things that you can do inside your home in respects to water in order to conserve gallons of water each year while conserving energy as well. Plus, you’ll be helping the environment as well.

Green living is taking the world by storm and more and more individuals are beginning to see the impact that we have on our Earth and are taking measures to decrease the amount of pollution that they hand out into the air and conserve what they can.

Water is one of the things that we waste the most. We take too long of showers, we let the water run while we brush our teeth or wash the dishes, etc. There are numerous things we can do to conserve gallons of water each year. Let’s take a look.

Turn the Faucet Off

When you are brushing your teeth and washing dishes, simply turn the water off. Don’t let it run while you aren’t necessarily using it. For example, when you head into the bathroom, you’ll wet your toothbrush then put toothpaste on your brush and start brushing away – all while leaving the water running. Turn the water off after you’ve wet your toothbrush a bit. Turn it back on when you are ready to rinse your brush and mouth out. You could save several gallons by doing this.

Same goes for washing dishes. Don’t let the water run in the opposite side of the sink while you are washing the dishes in the other. Simply wash the dishes and place them in the opposite side of the sink. Then, once you are done washing, turn the water on and rinse all the dishes off. This could save ten gallons or more, depending on how long it takes you to wash dishes and how many dishes there are.

Water Your Lawn in the Morning or Evening

Don’t water your lawn during the middle of the day when the sun is at its highest point resulting in the highest number and hottest rays of the day. Evaporation is going to happen – the water is going to evaporate before it even reaches your plants roots causing you to have to water longer. By watering in the early morning or late evening, you don’t have to worry about the heat of the sun soaking up that water and you can save nearly 100 gallons of water in a single week.

Purchase a Low-Flow Showerhead

If you like to takes showers, short or long ones, a low-flow showerhead can significantly reduce the amount of water that is used during a shower. These showerheads produce half the water flow of a regular showerhead. Let’s say you take one of those quick showers where you are in and then out in a matter of minutes – you could save more than 4,000 gallons of water a year with a low-flow showerhead.

These are just a few of the things that you can do to help conserve water in your household. Change your lifestyle ways today and you’ll be well on your way to green living and helping the environment.

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Stacy S. is a guest writer for Brookside Patio Furniture which specializes in resin wicker patio furniture.

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