This Spring, a fun activity that will get the whole family outside and moving is planting a vegetable and herb garden! Outdoor lifestyle expert, Rebecca P. Cohen, author of Fifteen Minutes Outside: 365 Ways to Get Out of the House and Connect with Your Kids, highlights the top 10 easiest vegetables and herbs to grow in your garden. How does your garden grow?

Plant Your Own Vegetable & Herb Garden

1. Peas. When the temperatures are in the 40s, 50s, or 60s growing peas is almost fail proof and exciting to watch vine, flower, and produce a pod over two months.

2. Lettuces. Cooler spring temperatures bring many opportunities for healthy greens and can be grown in containers!

3. Green beans. Plant a bean tee pee with 6′ stakes secured in the ground and crossed with twine at the top. Press seeds of a pole bean variety, such as Kentucky Wonder, around the stakes and into the soil. By summer, you have produce and a shady hiding spot for the kids!

4. Bell Pepper. One bell pepper plant in a container the size of a large bucket with drainage holes is all you need. As with all vegetables in sunshine, water daily and watch the plant flower and produce sweet peppers!

5. Carrots. The children’s book, The Carrot Seed, teaches even adults that with rich garden soil (that you now can buy!), daily watering, sunshine, and patience, your seeds will grow.

6. Tomatoes. One tomato plant does best in the largest container you can find, from twice the size of a bucket to a large half barrel. Make sure to put a wire tomato cage around the plant to support the heavy and delicious fruit that will grow.

7. Parsley. Herb seeds are wonderful and easy to grow, even on a sunny windowsill. Parsley is easy to grow and used in so many dishes.

8. Basil. Who wouldn’t love a fresh Caprese salad with tomato from the garden and fresh basil! Wonderful for a make-your-own Margherita pizza too.

9. Oregano. Supply all of your Italian dishes with fresh oregano from your garden or herb container. Delicious!

10. Thyme. Plant an herb such as lemon thyme, among stepping stones for a beautiful lemon aroma along your sunny pathway.

About the Author

Rebecca P. Cohen is a gardening and outdoor lifestyle expert whose mission is to inspire people to get off the couch and discover how simple it can be to incorporate an active, outdoor lifestyle into a busy schedule. Her work has been featured in Family Circle, Better Homes & Gardens, Backyard Solutions, and Washingtonian magazines, as well as on Rachael Ray’s website, Yum-o!,, and Rebecca is also a Spokesmom for the National Wildlife Federation’s Be Out There movement. The mother of two small children, Rebecca incorporates the outdoors into every aspect of life, bringing invaluable tips and inspiration into her product lines, television segments, and website,