This Spring, Make Your Home Green Again!

According to Punxsutawney Phil, spring is coming early this year, so now is the time to bring out your spring checklist and make sure your home is ready for the next season! Here are some easy tips from Real Estate Expert Brandon Green, Founder and President of Brandon Green Companies DC, on how you can prepare your home for spring and summer – and make it more green!

  1. Reduce energy – insulate your attic! If you do nothing else, please be sure you have a significant amount of insulation in your attic. More heat air conditioning (and heat) is lost through the attic than anywhere else in the house. If you do it yourself it will only cost a couple hundred dollars and save you many hundreds over the course of a couple years. This is also a good opportunity to inspect the underside of your roof for leaks or damage from the winter season.
  2. Reduce storm water runoff and water consumption – install a rain barrel! For only a couple hundred dollars you can install a rain barrel at the end of your downspout. Rain barrels can store enough water to get you through some of our dry spells this summer. While you’re at it, inspect and clean your gutters and downspouts as they are probably full of leaves and winter debris.
  3. Reduce water usage – install lower flow faucets. For less than about $500 you can install lower flow faucets in your bathrooms and kitchens. The faucets add air to the water stream which allows for sufficient pressure – but less water. You won’t even notice the difference! This is also a good time to check for slow, difficult to notice leaks under the sinks and around your toilets.
  4. Improve your air quality – install (and change) high quality air filters. Buy high quality pleated air filter and change it often. What is more important than the air you breath? For only a few dollars more you can significantly upgrade your air filter but be sure to change it once a month (or seasonally at the very least). Dirty air filters significantly increase the work your system must perform which raises your bills.
  5. Save your money (and water) – plant flowers and bushes that make sense in your climate. For example, Washington DC summers can be very hot and frequently dry. The best decision the author made was to plant cactus on his roof deck which flower beautifully throughout the summer and he does not have to worry about watering daily! Choose wisely based on the soil quality and exposure to the sun.

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