Easter is a fun and festive time of the year for families. Children are full of excitement and look forward to what the Easter bunny will bring. Many kids have off from school for spring break which is a perfect opportunity to share time together doing crafts. There are numerous crafts for Easter varying in difficulty from easy to difficult to suit the needs of any age group. Here are some fun Easter craft ideas for 2011.

Easter Craft Ideas For 2011

Traditional Crafts

Coloring Easter eggs is always fun for the entire family. Just hard boil some eggs, lay out dyes and embellishments and let the kids use their imaginations. Homemade dyes are easy, just combine food coloring with water and a little vinegar to get the desired colors. There are also several kits available in stores that provide the dyes, stickers, wax crayons and special characters or features. Eggs can be embellished with most anything after they have been dyed, just try to use nontoxic decorations if planning to eat them after the holiday.

Easter baskets are another traditional holiday item that can be made for additional personalization. Baskets can be made from coffee cans, milk jugs or a cardboard box. To make a basket from a milk jug, cut it in half and use the bottom as the basket. A strip can be cut from the remaining half and then staples to the bottom to create a handle. A coffee can and box are ready for decoration and only need to have handles added. Use paint, glitter, stickers and glue to decorate the outside and line the inside of the basket with artificial Easter grass or shredded paper. There is always something extra special when the Easter bunny fills up a homemade basket.

Quick Crafts

There are several crafts that are quick to prepare and easy to do. Coloring pages provide hours of entertainment and they are available is any theme imaginable. Pages can be printed from the internet for coloring, mazes, puzzles, crosswords and word searches all with Easter themes. These are especially useful for impromptu play dates or when other crafts run short.

Masks are another quick and easy craft. Simply take a paper plate or print a template from the internet in the desired form. A bunny is easy to make into a mask by adding ears, a nose, a mouth and some whiskers to a paper plate. Color the mask and add holes for the eyes to complete the craft. Pipe cleaners can be used for whiskers and yarn or elastic thread can be used to hold the mask on.

Food Crafts

Cooking is always fun for the family and as a bonus, the results are yummy. For Easter, there are many different types of recipes that fit the holiday. Bunny cupcakes or cakes are easy. Jelly beans make eyes and noses while coconut looks like rabbit fur. Ears can be cut from paper or even from marshmallows. Black licorice works best for whiskers.

Kids can also help make deviled eggs by mixing the filling, piping it into the eggs or decorating with paprika. Sugar cookies are another favorite for any holiday. Cut out some basic shapes and let the children decorate with icing and sprinkles.

Holiday crafts are a fun way to spend quality time together as a family. The end results often provide a lasting memory of the good times spent together. Use these ideas or some of your own to start a new family tradition for Easter.

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