Splashing some fruit juice into decaffeinated tea makes for tasty, healthful new treats – great for both kids and adults!

Green tea provides powerful, immune system-boosting antioxidants, which can be especially helpful to kids fighting colds. And by adding 100% juice, they’ll get the vitamins and nutrients they need with a taste they’ll love. Best of all, “Teasplashing” is an affordable solution for moms, since both ingredients are grocery list regulars.

Green Apple Tea


1 Tetley Decaffeinated Green Tea bag

4 oz. of boiling water

4 oz. 100% apple juice


Place the tag bag in an 8 oz. cup. Add boiling water and allow tea to steep for 3 minutes.

Remove tea bag and add juice. Makes one 8 oz. serving.

*Recipe and image courtesy of Tetley.*