Whether you recently made the choice to go Vegan, or have enjoyed the benefits of a Vegan lifestyle for years, this savory sandwich is sure to hit the spot!

Markus’ Vegan Reuben Sandwich


Your favorite Vegan meat-substitute (e.g. tempeh, Tofurky, etc.)

2 teaspoons mustard

3 Tablespoons sauerkraut

2 Tablespoons vegan mayonnaise

2 Tablespoons vegan Thousand Island dressing (Organicville makes a really good one!)

One tomato, sliced

½ red onion, sliced or minced

2 leaves organic lettuce

Manna Organics Whole Rye Sourdough bread


Lightly fry your tempeh or Tofurky slices in a greased pan. Add the sauerkraut on the side of the pan to warm it up. Cover and set aside.

Spread Vegan mayonnaise on 2 slices of lightly toasted Manna Organics Whole Rye Sourdough bread, and add a lettuce leaf.

Add the sauerkraut and tempeh or veggie slices. Drizzle the dressing directly on to the tempeh or veggie slices. Cover with tomato slices and onion.

Spread the stone ground mustard on the other 2 slices of lightly toasted bread and top your sandwich off. Enjoy!

Makes 2 double-decker sandwiches.

Prep time 15 min.

*Recipe courtesy of Manna Organics.*