Steam Mops: The Hot New Thing in Green Cleaning

Making your home a cleaner and greener place is getting easier all the time. Most major retailers sell home cleaning products that have been made with the environment in mind or you can even make your own using ingredients found in your kitchen. But what if we were able to clean our homes without chemicals and without waste? Though we’re still a long way from just a flip of the switch, there is one appliance that is heating things up in green home cleaning – the steam mop.

Steam mops harness the power of steam to disinfect and loosen grime from your hard surface flooring. They are easy to use and both time and cost effective since you’ll no longer have to purchase cleaners, or get down on your hands and knees to scrub the floor. Steam mops rely on reusable pads that can easily be washed, unlike other convenience floor cleaners that rely on disposable pads. Your kids can play around the house without worry that there may be chemicals or germs lingering from the spongy head of your traditional mop.

There are many models on the market, but the best steam mop is the Eureka 313A Envirosteamer. This steam mop costs around $70 and though it isn’t the fanciest model on the market, it is a top performer. It works by offering a continuous flow of powerful steam and allows you to clean large areas easily with a 20 foot cord. It is lightweight and has an adjustable handle, so you can make it fit not only in your home, but you too. This Eureka model is a top performer at a great price. There are many steam mops on the market, so no matter what you’re cleaning needs are; there is a steam mop out there for you.

With so many options in cleaning products and appliances, it is almost becoming difficult to not make your home and the environment a healthier and greener place to live. Though you may have to spend a little more money upfront, you’ll soon forget there was any other way to clean your floor after you purchase a steam mop of your own.

About the Author

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