There has been a call to action to feed our families better. However, with the economy in turmoil, knowing where to spend the family’s food dollars to get the best results can be daunting. The good news is that, with the right information, it is easy to optimize your choices while saving money.

The following are a few tried and true tips from The Pennywize Vegetarian- The “How-to” Guide to Better Eating on a Budget that are being used by many families to answer the call.

Think outside the box– Boxed, processed foods may be convenient but a premium is paid both in money and nutrition. Opt for fresh, basic ingredients that are in season and can be used to create multiple meals. Farmer’s markets provide the opportunity to buy straight from the source and pocket significant savings while enjoying freshness and variety that no supermarket can provide.

Change your focus– If protein is the “basic black dress” of a diet, then healthy side dishes are the accessories that take it from bland to “wow”- inexpensively and with style. Try some delicious, Pico de Gallo Corn, or Green Beans d’ Provence and Creamy Coconut Rice along with a smaller portion of your protein of choice for an inexpensive ensemble that is sure to satisfy.

Plan ahead- Not planning a menu around food that is already on hand, is one of the primary causes for wasted food, time and money. Simply planning a written menu and then shopping for what is needed, reduces expensive impulse purchases and stress levels. Be sure to post the menu in a clearly visible location, so everyone will know “What’s for dinner?”

Feeding the family better does not have to expensive or complicated. With a little strategic planning, thinking outside the box and a change of focus- it becomes easier and more cost effective to choose healthier eating as a way of life.

About the Author

Andrea Renee Frayser is a graduate of The Herbal Healer Academy where she studied Holistic Nutrition and Naturopathy. In addition to being an award winning vegan product formulator, she works tirelessly educating and lecturing on the importance of feeding the body “from the inside out and the outside in” for all stages of life.

She was inspired to write The Pennywize Vegetarian by her students and colleagues who were looking for a practical guide to feeding their families healthier meals without sacrificing taste, time or money.

Andrea enjoys cooking these and many other recipes for friends and family in her home in Hagerstown, MD which she shares with her husband, three children, Mary Muffin (the Diva Kitty) and “Broke Bunny” also known as Goshen the Great.

To order a copy of the Pennywize Vegetarian, click here.

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  1. Andrea R Frayser
    Andrea R Frayser says:

    Another great tip is to plant a container garden. I have on client that has a family of 7 that grows salad greens and herbs in pots on her deck and saves her family a lot of money over buying organic from the store.

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