Celebrate motherhood with the person you love the most – your daughter! In honor of Mother’s Day, Erika Katz, the author of the highly acclaimed book, Bonding Over Beauty, offers fun and easy activities, like headband making or an at-home spa day, to honor the relationship between mothers and daughters, and to get even more immersed in the joys of being a mom through enjoying precious moments with your beloved daughter. Katz notes that there is nothing better than putting the cell phone down and just doing a fun beauty day with products that she and her daughter make together in the kitchen.

A fun and inexpensive activity to do with your daughter is a Mother-Daughter Spa Day. It’s a great way to open up conversation with her and really share the day with her. First, wrap yourselves in some fluffy towels and let the fun begin…

Katz loves the smell of strawberries! Plus, they happen to be rich in salicylic acid, an ingredient found in many commercial acne creams. Strawberries help to tone the skin, lighten any pigmentation problems and keep the skin both smooth and supple.

First, make a gentle strawberry cleanser which can be used on the hands, face, and body.

Gentle Strawberry Cleanser


1 pureed strawberry

1 spoon of olive oil

1 spoon of vegetable oil

The inside of a vitamin E tablet

After the skin is cleansed, it is time for the fruity strawberry face mask. It could not be simpler!

Fruity Strawberry Face Mask


Mix 1/2-cup pureed fresh strawberries

1 tablespoon of organic sour cream

The strawberry juice helps firms the skin, and at the same time the cream adds precious emollient for dry winter skin. Leave the mask on for 20 minutes; then wash off with warm water. Pat dry face and moisturize to seal in the moisture.

About the Book

Bonding over Beauty, a Mother-Daughter Guide to Self-Esteem, Confidence and Trust, teaches mothers how to use age old and new beauty regimens as a way to connect with their daughters, establishing trust between them while building and reinforcing the self-confidence every ‘tween girl needs—at a time when she may need it the most. www.bondingoverbeauty.com

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    We at Good For You Girls compliments Erika on talking about this special bond. Keep the communication flowing and always keep ingredients natural.
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