The Best Foods to Fuel Your Cardio Workout

As a busy mom with a busy schedule, it may be difficult to muster up the energy to pound out a grueling cardio workout. Still, exercising regularly is the key to maintaining a healthy weight and keeping your energy levels boosted all day long.

Fortunately, there are a few tips that you can use to boost your energy and maximize your next cardio workout:

  • Eat Carbohydrates and Fats: Regular cardio activity, like running, biking, and walking, requires carbohydrates and fat to burn energy. If you change up the intensity of your exercise, like running intervals, or hiking uphill, your body will use both fats and carbs to maintain your energy levels.

It is best to eat healthy carbs like fruits, whole grains, vegetables, and dairy paired with healthy fats like avocado, olive oil, nuts, eggs, and salmon.

  • Pre-Workout Snack: It helps to have a pre-workout snack consisting of healthy carbohydrates. However, since many carbs contain large amounts of fiber that may take a while to digest, you don’t want to eat too heavily before exercising.

3 to 4 hours before working out, have a regular meal, like a turkey and cheese sandwich on whole grain bread, grilled salmon and brown rice, or whole-grain pasta. Roughly an hour before working out, have a low-fat, low protein, and high carb snack, like a piece of fruit, pretzels, or a granola bar.

  • Post-Workout Snack: Your post-work out time is the opportunity to replenish your energy and provide nutrients to worn-out muscle groups. This is the time to eat healthy carbs and protein.

If it has been over four hours since you have eaten, it’s time to have another balanced meal, like a protein bar, half a whole-grain turkey sandwich, or peanut butter and whole-grain crackers.

By choosing the right foods to eat before and after your workout, as well as choosing the right times to eat, you will finally be able to have the energy to workout harder and stronger.

As an added tip, research has also shown that drinking a cup of coffee prior to a workout boosts stamina and increases endurance by up to 15%. Eating healthy, balanced snacks prior to a workout and grabbing a cup of Joe may give you the kick you need to complete your regular workouts and maintain a healthy weight… even with the busiest of schedules.

About the Author

Bethany Ramos is a beauty and health writer that co-owns her own website, The Coffee Bump. For a great selection of the Bunn Coffee Maker, check out Bethany Ramos’ website today!