Planet-friendly and practical, these 5 new baby must-haves for your newborn sweetheart are “Mom’s” latest favorites for outfitting a nursery.

Green Babies®
Just born! Green Babies™ body care products, including Baby Me Shampoo & Wash, Energizing Bubble Bath, Calming Bubble Bath, Smooth Me Detangler and Lotion Potion Moisturizer have now entered the world of fabulous eco-friendly care products for little ones. The new body care line is plant and fruit derived, vegan, hypo-allergenic and tear-free. Plus, everything smells delightful – leaving your baby smelling oh-so-sweet! Developed in the spirit that every baby is beautiful and deserves the best, safest and most irritant-free products that won’t break the budget, the products do not contain synthetic fragrances, dyes, sulfates, parabens or phthalates. The products are available at Whole Foods Markets throughout the Northeast, select specialty retail stores and online at

Delta Eco-Collection
Organize your child’s things in planet-friendly style! This unique nursery storage collection will help get rid of mommy guilt by helping the environment…and organizing the closets!

The Eco-Collection is the debut of Delta’s new storage/organization collection called S.O.S. (Store. Organize. Style). This eco-conscious collection uses 100% recycled cardboard and non-toxic inks, and is cute to boot! The 20 piece starter kit (available in pink, blue or green) retails for $40 and includes hangers, dividers, storage boxes and a hanging organizer. A true eco-mommy’s dream! Available at Wal-mart, making it a budget-conscious choice, as well.

Green to Grow®
Just the milk please; hold the chemicals! Green to Grow’s® range of BPA-free baby bottles includes bottles made from good, old fashioned glass and from PES plastic – a premium grade resin that has a denser molecular structure than other BPA-free plastics. PES outperforms other plastics because it is incredibly durable, heat resistant, and does not break down with repeated sterilization. With adorable designs on their bottles, sippy cups and stackables, this line is sure to be a family favorite!

Plus, Green to Grow® recently introduced Mellow™, which feature colic-relief nipples that are designed with an air vent built directly into the base of the nipple, allowing air to circulate into the bottle as baby feeds, equalizing pressure inside the bottle, and making it easier for baby to drink. With Mellow™, parents spend less time cleaning, assembling, (and even losing!) the many small pieces needed with other anti-colic systems, and more time loving and feeding their baby. The Mellow™ line is compatible with all Green to Grow® bottles for ease of use. Available online at


Bye-bye to heavy jars weighing down the diaper bag – hello to NurturMe! Convenient, healthy, and portable, NurturMe is the first and only certified-organic, all-natural, gluten-free baby food made from nutrient-rich, quick-dried fruits and vegetables. By quick-drying, rather than cooking, its ingredients, NurturMe preserves the vital nutrients and phytochemicals found in fruits and vegetables, making it one of the most natural and nutritious baby foods available.

Each pouch of NurturMe may be mixed with breast milk, whole milk, formula or water in any amount or combination, enabling feedings to be customized completely to baby and mother’s needs. Designed for children from the age of four months to four years, NurturMe may also be sprinkled into grains, homemade purees, yogurts, apple sauce and macaroni & cheese to give them a delicious and nutritious boost. Available in four wholesome, baby-favorite flavors—Plump Peas, Scrumptious Squash, Crisp Apples and Hearty Sweet Potatoes, NurturMe products contain no added salts, sugars, colors or preservatives and all the fruits and vegetables used in NurturMe are sourced from certified-organic U.S. farms. NurturMe products are available at

LifeNest Sleeping System
Safe sleep for baby, peace of mind for mom and dad! Created by renowned ear, nose and throat pediatric surgeon specialist, Dr. Jose Bensoussan, UBIMED’s patented LifeNest Sleeping System was specifically designed to ensure the highest level of comfort and safety for your infant while they rest.

The LifeNest’s curved mesh hammock cradles the baby’s head, maintaining the recommended baby-on-back sleeping position while allowing unrestricted movements. The elevated breathable hammock permits the free circulation of air via the venting channels to help prevent overheating and enables the baby to breathe freely even if they accidentally turn on their tummy. A second hammock is also built into the tight fitting mattress cover (available in a full line of fashionable colors to compliment any nursery), reinforcing strength and safety and prevents mattress cover entrapment and strangulation risks. Additionally, the mesh hammock of the LifeNest allows liquids and mucus to pass through it, helping to prevent against smothering.

Intended to be used for babies from birth to 5 months of age, the LifeNest fits securely on any standard crib, and comes with a convenient travel case, as it is easily portable making it ideal for parent’s on-the-go.

The LifeNest Sleeping System is available for purchase online at and at select retailers nationwide for $149.99.

*Companies mentioned above generously provided samples and images for this article.*