Get beach ready in no time with these summer slimming tips from acclaimed national online coach, Valerie Orsoni! We say – why wait till summer!? Stay in shape all year long by incorporating these suggestions into your daily routine.

7 Summer Slimming Tips

GLOW + REDUCE APPETITE: Valerie recommends a Sobacha morning drink to fill up and make your skin look great! Instead of making your usual tea or coffee in the morning, just infuse a handful of roasted buckwheat and hot water, drink and after 5 min voila – glowing skin + your appetite curbed by 25%.

IRON TRICEPS: after the shower, while your skin is soaking up your moisturizer, do 50 push ups on the wall (wayeasier than push ups on the floor, less pressure on the wrists joints and very efficient to get iron biceps).

REDUCE APPETITE FASHIONABLY: wear a fine ribbon under your clothes when going to a party with a buffet. Tie it on your skin, not too tight just resting on your skin at your waist level. When you start eating and your tummy starts swelling you will realize what you might be doing mindless eating. This connection of stomach/brain will help reduce what you eat by at least 50%.

IN LINE AT STARBUCKS: While waiting in line (because there is always a line) alternate the following moves: contract your glutes (2 cheeks together then right/left), suck in your tummy as if youwanted to glue your abs to your spine, this will work your deep abs, the ones that make your tummy flat. A great way to work in isometrics without sweating it off at the gym.

PERKY BUST: from the Moulin Rouge dancers. Put hands in prayer position, palms together, fingers pointing up andpress/release palms (you will see your natural bra contract and lift) in an upward move towards ceiling, then come back down. 50 reps that can be done anywhere you are alone (restrooms, bedroom, office, in your car, etc…)

SIZE DOES MATTER: Europeans are thinner because the American portion sizes are at least twice as large. When out, order an appetizer size instead of entrée. Then you can have your dessert, which you share with your friend because the portion size of desserts is mind-blowing.

EAT BEFORE YOU EAT: Reduce appetite – eat a hard-boiled egg before heading out to aparty/dinner/buffet. The fat + protein will crush your fake, social hunger!

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  1. HillyG
    HillyG says:

    These are really great tips although I’m going to disagree with the “Size does matter” part. After coming back from Prague, Budapest, and Warsaw – I disagree that their portions are smaller than American sizes. Even in the Middle East (where the people are thin), the sizes are huge but they rely more on fruits and vegetables than they do on meat and potatoes.

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