Cool and refreshing, this light salad inspired by the Middle East is simple and easy to make, and is a great accompaniment to a variety of dishes, or wonderful enjoyed alone!

Arabian Salad


2 tomatoes

1 bell pepper (green or red)

1 cucumber

¼ bunch cilantro

1 bunch green onions

Unpasteurized olive oil (or substitute half nut butter half water)

½ t powdered sea vegetables

1 lemon


Chop cilantro finely. Chop other vegetables into bite-size chunks. Add salt. Sprinkle on olive oil, but don’t let it be so much that vegetables get soggy. Squeeze lemon juice over salad. Gently stir. This is a tasty, cool salad enjoyed in Middle Eastern dinners.

Serves 2-3.

*Recipe and image courtesy of Susan Schenck, author of The Live Food Factor, The Comprehensive Guide to the Ultimate Diet for Body, Mind, Spirit.*

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  1. kolpin
    kolpin says:

    yummy! what is the purpose of the powdered sea or taste? is there a substitute if i can’t find it?

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