Your child’s favorite, made into a delicious and refreshing summer treat, courtesy of the HopeFULL Company! These Peanut Butter & Jelly Meal Pops are perfect on a midsummer’s day!

Peanut Butter & Jelly Meal Pops


1/2 cup fresh strawberries, de-stemmed and halved

1 1/4 cups vanilla soymilk

2 Tbsp natural creamy peanut butter

2 Tbsp honey

1/4 cup infant oatmeal cereal

1/2 cup graham cracker crumbs


Add all ingredients to a blender and blend until completely smooth, scraping down the sides if necessary. Pour into HopeFULL tray, add wooden spoon-sticks and freeze.

*Recipe and image courtesy of the HopeFULL Company.*

Too, too cute! The new Believe Organic Plush line by Dandelion Earth-Friendly Goods are cuddly-soft and sure to become your little one’s favorite lovey! Made of organic and natural materials, and filled with corn fiber – this is stress-free snuggling at its’ best! Each adorable Mommy and Baby pair make an excellent addition to any planet-friendly nursery or toddler’s room, and will be loved by kids’ and adults alike.

The Believe Organic Plush line inspires children and parents to think about the impact that every action they make has on the planet, and believe that together, we can all make a difference! The eco-plush line features a Mommy & Baby Polar Bear, Mommy & Baby Rhino, and Mommy & Baby Elephant, and they are all so squishy and cute that you may be tempted to start your own plush zoo!

For more information on the new Believe Organic Plush from Dandelion Earth-Friendly Goods, visit

*Company generously provided samples and images for this review.*

How to Improve Air Quality in Your Home

You know that the outside world is full of harmful pollutants, mainly from vehicle exhaust and chemicals released into the environment through commerce. But you probably think that once you are within the relative safety of your own home, you no longer have to worry about environmental pollutants. Unfortunately, this isn’t necessarily true. Not only could outside toxins be seeping in, but there are many items within your home that could be polluting your interior air. So if you want to improve the quality of the air you breathe when you enter your home, here are just a few things you’ll need to consider.

  1. Energy audit. If there are problems with air leaking out of your home, then there are going to be problems with allergens and pollutants getting in. By arranging for your utility provider (or an independent company) to do an energy audit, you can find problem areas and take the steps necessary to seal leaks, improving your air quality even as you reduce utility bills.
  2. Remove known pollutants. Chemical cleaners, cigarette smoke, dust, and dander provide for the most common toxins and allergens in your indoor air. You don’t necessarily want to get rid of Fido, but there are definitely steps you can take to clean up the air. For starters, you should clean regularly and thoroughly, using natural, chemical free cleaners that nonetheless kill bacteria. If you smoke, you absolutely need to take it outdoors; cigarette smoke can seep into every surface in your home and cause problems not only for you, but for everyone who walks in the door. And if cleaning isn’t enough to remove dust and pet dander, think about placing air purifiers throughout your home with varying levels of filters to help clean the air and keep allergens under control.
  3. Install sensors. One of the many concerns with home air quality is the presence of carbon monoxide (CO). It is a colorless, odorless gas that can actually cause death in large enough quantities. Although the most common source is the exhaust from your car (not terribly likely to pollute your interior air unless you frequently leave the car running in the garage for extended periods of time), other sources could be a gas furnace or gas appliances. In order to reduce the threat from this silent killer, be sure to install CO sensors on every floor in your home (and especially near children’s rooms).
  4. Consider surfaces. Plush surfaces tend to trap pollutants and allergens that are released into upon contact. If you have a problem with the air quality in your home, consider choosing hard flooring instead of carpets and leather furnishings instead of plush fabrics. In concert with regular cleaning, this can greatly improve your breathable air.
  5. Increase ventilation. One of the easiest ways to make your indoor air better is to get fresh air circulating. Sometimes this is as easy as opening a window. But if you live in an area with outdoor pollution, you may have to take further steps, such as ensuring that your HVAC system is properly ventilating your space. In addition, think about bringing plants into your home. They can help to clean and oxygenate the air, and have you breathing easier in no time.

About the Author

Sarah Danielson writes for Air Purifier Guide where you can find various high end brands of air purifiers such as a Hepa air purifier and many more.

Light, flaky, and spiced to perfection, these Fish Tacos courtesy of Casa Mexicana™ are simply delicious! Ready in minutes – they taste excellent topped with fresh avocado!

Fish Tacos


2 Lbs. of fish (tilapia or halibut recommended)

8-12 Corn tortillas

1 Lime

2 Tbsp. vegetable oil

1/4 cup water

Lettuce, Avocado and Mayonnaise (optional)


  • Add water, 2 Tbsp. of oil and packet contents into plastic bag; mix thoroughly.
  • Slice fish in strips and add to plastic bag; coat thoroughly and marinate for 5 minutes.
  • Empty contents of plastic bag into saute pan with 1 tsp. of oil.
  • Cook over medium heat until ready (do not overcook).
  • Serve on warm tortillas with a squeeze of fresh lime juice.

Chef suggestion: add shredded lettuce, mayonnaise and avocado.

*Recipe and image courtesy of Casa Mexicana™.*

Mom” at Tiny Green Mom is excited to announce that the Winner of the Cascadian Farm ‘Change Flows’ Giveaway is Cindy T! We hope that you enjoy your reusable water bottle and delicious box of cereal! Thanks to everyone who entered this eco-fabulous giveaway!

*Image provided by Cascadian Farm.*

The Benefits of Owning a Green Vehicle

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last several years, you are probably aware of the global problems we’re facing where greenhouse gas emissions are concerned. Just about everyone has started to experience the effects of global warming (extreme weather conditions) thanks to the hole in the ozone layer. And of course, vehicle pollution is to blame for all kinds of health issues, from asthma to allergies to more serious respiratory (or other) issues. Some people even suspect that harmful hydrocarbons emitted by cars could be responsible for certain forms of cancer. So when it comes time to shop for a new vehicle, perhaps you should consider a hybrid or electric car that can dramatically reduce your carbon footprint.

Here are just a few benefits you can expect from such a purchase.

  1. Cost of purchase. These days, hybrid and electric vehicles have become common enough that you can often find one similarly priced to just about any car you’re considering purchasing. And with many dealers offering certified pre-owned vehicle programs, you may be able to find what you’re looking for at an even better price. Although there are certainly eco-friendly cars that will cost you a lot more (those made by luxury brands, for example), you can find options for just about every price range.
  2. Tax deductions. Although the tax incentives for hybrid vehicles (provided as part of the Energy Policy Act of 2005) went the way of the dodo at the end of 2010, you can now find a different set of incentives pertaining to plug-in hybrids and electric cars. Those who buy this new breed of green vehicle can get a federal tax credit of up to $7,500 for the car and up to $2,000 for the installation of a charging station. You may also be eligible for state incentives. California, for example, is offering up to $5,000 in addition to the federal tax credit.
  3. Fuel efficiency. This is one of the best reasons to opt for a hybrid or electric car over the solely gas-burning variety, especially with gas prices going up with no end in sight. While the average sedan can reasonably be expected to get 20-30 miles for every gallon of gas, most hybrids of a similar size can pull in 40+ mpg. And electric vehicles require no gas at all (although the equivalent cost of electricity can be considered to be less than $1 per gallon). So you’ll be saving a lot at the pump and going farther on the same amount of gas.
  4. Emissions. The whole point of an eco-friendly automobile is to reduce the emission of greenhouse gases. And by cutting down on the amount of fuel you’re using, you’ll also reduce harmful emissions that are spewed into the environment with your exhaust. While an electric vehicle is really the best option on this front (since it offers zero emissions), it may not be feasible for those who frequently travel long distances. So at least consider a hybrid as a way to significantly reduce emissions. A plug-in hybrid is even better since it can travel several miles on a full charge (usually 35-40 miles) before the gas engine kicks in.
  5. Recyclable battery. One last benefit of the eco-friendly vehicle comes when the electric battery stops working. Many people mistakenly believe that these batteries cannot be recycled, but in fact, they are more recyclable than the lead-acid batteries used in fuel-cell vehicles. They are turned into pulp and then mined for metals like copper, nickel, aluminum, and cobalt, which cuts down on a lot of the waste that makes its way to the landfill.

About the Author

Sarah Danielson writes for Trucker to Trucker where you can find box trucks, sell used trucks, and browse through classifieds to find a dealer near you.

Created by Alina Zhukovskaya, this unique spin on the traditional apple cobbler is free of sugar and flour!

Apple Cobbler


1 Cup of Crumbled Nuts

6 Apples

1 tsp. Murray River salt

2 tsp. flax seeds

2 tsp. of Korintje Cinnamon

4 Medjool Dates

1 tsp. vanilla powder

½ Cup raisins


Mix 3 apples with the rest of the ingredients in the food processor. Chop 3 apples and mix with the mixture. Pour into a dessert dish, sprinkle with nuts and enjoy.

*Recipe and image courtesy of Alina Zhukovskaya, Nutrition Designer, of Let Yourself Blossom*