Yoga For Kids – Creating Health And Wellness For The Younger Generation

With today’s epidemic of childhood obesity, the medical profession is concerned for the future health and wellness of today’s youth. Getting enough regular exercise is important for the health of children and young adults. Choosing something fun, yet beneficial, is key when it comes to a picking a kid’s exercise group.

One of the most beneficial and well-rounded exercise programs for young people is the ancient practice of doing yoga. Unlike other sports activities, yoga is much, much more than just a way to exercise the body. It is a total lifestyle of health and wellness that children these days need so much of.

Children Learn A Healthy Lifestyle Practice Through Yoga Lessons

Lessons specifically made for children and young adults can offer them more than just a quick body workout. This practice teaches and trains the young child to control their thoughts, their body movements and their breathing. It helps them connect with the spiritual part of themselves and gives them the mental and emotional tools they need to grow up as grounded and self aware adults.

Yoga Teaches Kids Mindful Awareness

Poses that are used for children during class use creative methods to teach the child visualization and connectedness. Showing kids that they can stretch out their arms like a tree branch and imagine what it feels like to be cut down teaches true oneness with nature. It creates a thinking, feeling child who grows in awareness and empathy of the living things found in nature.

Poses are also fun for kids. The children stretch, reach, bend and become more flexible. Yoga helps them achieve fine motor coordination and muscle strength. Kids learn how to focus and develop self-control. They also learn how to relax. Focused, relaxed kids that can control themselves do better in school and will do much better out in the work force when they grow up.

Children Who Take Yoga Classes Learn Healthy Stress Relief Methods

Learning the healthy lifestyle practice of yoga is fun for children. They can release all of their pent up energy in a safe, fun environment. Classes may involve stimulating games and poses that teach them about nature and human anatomy. They learn an important lesson about stress relief and relaxation that can help ward off diseases caused by stress in later life. Kids who learn how to breathe correctly and calm themselves have a built-in buffer against some of the harmful stress relievers that many teenagers turn to like alcohol and cigarettes.

Kids Learn Lifelong Lessons From Yoga

Yoga is not only fun, it promotes self-discipline and inner strength. Children grow in character and self-respect. It promotes a feeling of well-being and confidence in a child. It helps them grow in respect for other human beings and for the life found in nature. This is much more than one could expect from any other kind of physical exercise program for young people. Yoga is more than just physical. It encompasses the whole person.

Not only do kids who take yoga have more stamina, balance, strength and flexibility, they will be able to control stress and anxiety better. Their minds will be clear and focused. Sleep will be more restful. That alone might get parents signing their kids up for classes as soon as possible.

Yoga can be practiced throughout their lives for maximum health and wellness. Classes of this type for children can create a whole new future generation of healthy, happy and well-rounded adults.

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