Renowned New York jewelry designer Michael Dawkins has recently opened Michael Dawkins Home, a new home furniture and accessories showroom in Miami’s Tony Design District. One of his favorite lines to showcase is by Cisco Brothers, and it is 100% sustainable, FSC certified, and the upholstery is made with natural and organic fabrics. This eco-conscious designer took time away from his busy schedule to answer a few questions for Tiny Green Mom about his thriving business and planet-friendly practices.

An Interview with Designer Michael Dawkins

Tell Us About Your Eco-Inspired Collections.
Michael Dawkins Home carries eco-inspired and sustainable furniture. Our upholstery furniture is manufactured in L.A. in a sustainable way. Using soy-based foam for the cushions instead of artificial materials, American manufactured furniture also decreases the carbon foot print. Many of our case goods are fabricated with reclaimed wood. The more educated the consumer becomes so do manufactures, changing their production habits to meet the clients needs and concerns for the environment.

How Do You Choose to go Green in Your Own Business?
We at Michael Dawkins Home do our best to reduce the amount of waste we put out. We conduct our daily business consciously, decreasing the amount of printing done and recycling all the materials that come in and out of our building. By consolidate shipping we are decreasing in packaging and fuel consumption.

Guilty green pleasure?
A recent green pleasure of ours was saving about thirty glass candle holders with the boxes they come in and giving it to a local after school program. They are going to have the children decorate the boxes and grow seeds in the glass containers. This provides the kids with a great project and recycles the glass and boxes from the candles we burn in our showroom.

Can you offer any encouraging words for those with a business who want to go-green or introduce sustainable practices – what have you done with Michael Dawkins Home to reduce your carbon footprint?
Businesses looking to go green should put a little more energy into their daily practices as well as seek other companies with like minded views. Simple things such as going paperless can make a big difference; electronic invoicing, sending Holiday e-cards and e-vites instead of postcards and invitations, purchasing on-line and not from printed catalogs are a few examples.

Michael Dawkins | Biography

With more than 18 years of design experiencedriven by the beauty of natural elements, Michael Dawkins is a master atbringing interior spaces to life for a discerning clientele. A distinguished tastemaker and acclaimed jewelry designer, he is returning to his first passion of interior design with the launch of the “Michael Dawkins Home” showroom.

Dawkins’ sensitivity to aesthetic rhythm stems from his collegiate studies in industrialdesign and architecture. His elevated, intellectual style is achieved byfusing various genres, period pieces, shapes and textures to invoke progressive yet timeless design concepts.

Constantly traveling and taking pleasure in the challenges of settling into newenvironments, he has built, rebuilt, renovated and converted a number ofproperties ranging from Millbrook, New York to Santa Barbara, California. The free-spirited and demure elegance exuded at Michael Dawkins Home reflects the designer’s own sensibilities.

In September 2010, Dawkins opened the doors to his 10,000-square-foot showroom in the Design District – a rapidly emerging creative hub and destination for international homeowners. Believing that Miami is ready for the next level in intellectual interior design, he looks forward to inspiring luxury living within the city and beyond.