The Mother’s Diet Affects Child’s Obesity

A new breakthrough study on a pregnant mother’s nutrition can have a great effect on the risk of obesity on the child. The study has also shown that the mother’s diet can alter the functioning of their child’s DNA.

This dietary influenced change is called epigenetic change and its effect on the propensity of the child to add on fat. This research also concluded that the epigenetic change acts independent of the fatness or thinness of the mother and the weight at infant birth.

Thus this epigenetic change is another factor in determining the overall health of the child later on in life. These include development of such diseases as obesity, diabetes and other problems. The most pernicious of these possible diseases is diabetes. This condition is the body’s inability to either produce and/or properly metabolize the hormone insulin.

The hormone insulin is important to the body’s ability to use blood sugar for fuel in its normal processes. These normal processes include cell regeneration and functioning. If the cells are unable to have fuel for use, then it dries up and dies, leading to organ malfunction and even failure.

The other contributory factor would be lifestyle and diet. The lack of exercise and sedentary lifestyle would definitely contribute to the development of the child’s obesity and diabetes. This taken with a high sugar and fat diet, then the body would be unable to properly adjust its metabolism to address the flood of sugar and fats in the body. Insulin is important to the proper management of these chemicals in the body.

This whole cycle can start even during pregnancy. The predisposition to unhealthy living such as obesity and diabetes can be properly avoided by the mother eating healthy food and exercising while carrying the child. Being proactive as a pregnant mother through proper nutrition and exercise can prevent epigenetic changes that can lead to health problems to the child in the long run.

For a more comprehensive discussion on diabetes and healthy living, please visit Parental Diet Related to Child, or the author’s site, The Diabetes Forum.

We love how easy this recipe is – just 4 healthy ingredients tossed together and served! It doesn’t get any better than that!

California Kraut Salad


1 lb Classic Kraut with Caraway
1 cup shredded carrots
1 cup chopped green onions
1/2 to 2/3 cup good quality California olive oil


Toss all ingredients together and serve as a side salad.

Serves 6.

*Recipe and image courtesy of Farmhouse Culture founder Kathryn Lukas.*

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The Right Kind of Vices

People tend to engage in vices as a means of coping with the everyday stress of the modern world. Whether it be a cigarette, a beer or a bet we often succumb to temptation. Well, it’s time to throw out those comfort vices and try something that will bring all manner of benefits whilst beating stress; healthy living!

Engaging in regular physical exercise

There are many benefits to regular physical exercise. The simple act walking can be a great stress buster for it allows you to take your mind off your troubles and attain new perspective from clearer thinking.

Regular exercise like this is good for your body as it regulates the oxygen in your blood. This is important as getting oxygenated blood pumped to important organs such as the brain and the heart help to prevent the likes of chronic heart disease, strokes and osteoporosis. Studies also show that regular physical exercise will help to improve your sex life which is a nice added bonus in itself.

Eating a healthy breakfast

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, for it is the fuel that sustains us for most of the working day. A healthy breakfast means eating low cholesterol, high fiber diet. Fibre helps cleanse the body by absorbing excess cholesterol from the intestines. A menu containing oats, bran, flax seeds, almonds, nuts and/or dried fruits will bring the greatest benefits.

Hydrate yourself by drinking at least eight 8 oz. glasses of water a day

This doesn’t mean drinking plain water; you can also get water from fruits and other food, although plain water is easiest to digest. Different bodily functions such as circulation, digestion, absorption, transmission of impulses and excretion will not be regulated well without water.

Get enough sleep

Many people have sleeping problems and resort to taking medication to improve their sleeping habits. Sleeping difficulty may be due to physical, mental, medical or environmental factors. For adults the recommended time for sleep is about 7-9 hours.

The easiest solution to this kind of predicament is having a regular sleeping and waking up time schedule and sticking to it. Regular sleep is an important element of a fit and healthy lifestyle.

Express and channel your emotions correctly

Whatever your current emotional state, whether sad, fearful or happy, it is important to keep a check on this element of your wellbeing for emotions play a key role in your general health. Emotions generate certain imbalances in the body which can result in chronic illnesses like depression.

Some people eat more or less when depressed and can rely on the wrong kind of vices like drinking and drugs to cope. As such it’s true that in the end depression can kill. So you should always keep in touch with your emotions and discuss them with friends and family to help channel them in the right way.

Being addicted to a vice is not easy to stop or prevent whilst an attachment to something which greatly benefits your own wellbeing can be hugely rewarding. It’s ok to be hooked to health, start today, a little at a time.

About The Author

Josh Aggars writes about beach life, surfing, travel and more. His passion for surfing takes him to amazing places around the World and comes through in his regular articles as he explores all aspects of the sport. He sells men’s flip flops including havaianas to help fund his travels.

This healthy granola bar requires no baking! Just mix together and form, then pop in the freezer – that’s it!

NKOTVB Granola Bar


1 banana, mashed
1 cup crisp brown rice cereal
1/2 cup oatmeal (use GF if you need to/want to)
1/2 cup finely shredded, unsweetened coconut
2 scoops brown rice protein powder
2 tbsp chia seeds
1/2 tbsp vanilla
1/2 tbsp cinnamon
1/2 cup raw almond butter
1/2 cup agave syrup


Mix together dry ingredients, then add wet ingredients. Mix it up until everything has been pretty evenly distributed. Then transfer to a plastic lined baking dish, such as a standard brownie pan. Stick it in the freezer for a few hours, then pop out and cut into nine bars. Wrap each individually for easy grab and go bars!

*Recipe and image courtesy of Katelyn Sornik of New Kid on the Vegan Block.*


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Do I Really Need a Personal Trainer?

The buff and the beautiful parade across the big screen, the TV screen, and the computer screen—those celebrities with not a spare ounce of fat–trim-waisted and perfectly toned. Now, that’s what I want to look like, you think. And when you hear or read an interview with one or another of those whose flawless bodies you covet, all the credit goes to the personal trainers who spend endless hours putting them through their paces, driving them toward the Hollywood ideal of physical perfection, keeping current their membership in World’s Most Beautiful People Club.

So, you think, all you need to do is hire yourself a personal trainer. After all, trainers aren’t just for the rich and famous any more. That’s exactly right—they aren’t. But before you pick up the phone to book a trainer, stop and ask yourself if this is something you really need. After all, couldn’t you just join a gym chock full of state-of-the-art fitness equipment and go at it on your own?

Know Thyself

There are different routes to personal fitness, and the best one for you is going to depend on a number of factors.


Your financial situation: While it’s true that personal trainers have come down from Olympus and are no longer only for the rich and famous, training is still an expense. According to Dr. Sal Arria, president of the National Board of Fitness Examiners, the average trainer charges $60-$70 per session. That said, it is possible to find a trainer who charges as little as $25 per hour in some geographical areas. These may be new to the field and less experienced.

Your needs: What do you want to achieve through your exercise program? Are you trying to improve your overall health and fitness? Are you training for a specific sport or athletic event? Looking to sculpt your body for competition? Have you ever been injured, or do you have health conditions that need to be considered.

Your personality: Are you a person who performs better with a buddy? Or are you a more independent type who prefers to focus on individual goals without the need for face-to-face interaction with other people?

Your motivation: Are you self-motivated, a self-starter, or to you function better with an external source of motivation?

Your experience: Have you exercised much in the past, or are you a rank beginner? How familiar are you with fitness equipment and how it is used?

Making a Decision

Now let’s look at how these considerations will affect your decision as to whether you need a personal trainer.

Finances: You may decide, after careful consideration of your finances, that you can’t fit the hourly rates available in your area into your weekly budget. If you can’t, there are still options available to you. You can try to go it alone, develop a fitness plan from books, and try to follow the diagrams for proper form and adhere to the fitness charts the books provide. You can watch how others in the gym use the fitness equipment, but be warned: many of these exercisers probably learned from watching, too, and might have been observing incorrect form.

You have several options if finances are an issue:

• Hire a trainer for several sessions, to set up a fitness program for you and coach you in proper form. Once you feel confidant, go it alone, adding distance, reps, or whatever at intervals.

• You might consider foregoing one-on-one training and sign up for a series of small-group training sessions at your gym. You will get personal attention, albeit less, and have your group members as well as your trainer for motivation.

• Sign on with an online personal trainer. You will get individualized one-on-one advice at a much lower price.

Needs: If you mainly want to improve your general health and fitness with a combination of cardio and uncomplicated weight training, you might be able to swing it without the professional input a trainer can provide. On the other hand, if you have special needs, such as training for a specific activity, event, or competition, or if you need a program tailored to your physical limitations or health conditions, you will benefit from the expertise of a trained professional

Personality: If you consider yourself a self-contained person and don’t see socializing or personal interaction as a big part of your fitness program, you may feel inclined to go it alone. But be aware that you may be missing out on many of the benefits a knowledgeable and experienced trainer can provide. If you don’t want a person breathing down your neck, you may be a person who can benefit from the services on online personal trainer. You will have the advantages of a trainer’s expert advice while not feeling compelled to maintain social interaction while you focus on meeting your exercise goals

Motivation: If motivation is an issue, you may benefit from hiring a trainer. For some people, paying out that fee is a powerful motivator to show up and get to work. (Do you clean that last bite off your plate when you eat in a restaurant, even when you’re uncomfortably full, because you paid for the meal?)

Other ways to become motivated are:

• Committing to work out with a friend for mutual encouragement.

• Working with an online trainer who can provide the encouragement and motivation that will help you stay focused.

Experience: If you are new at the fitness game, you will benefit from one-on-one training and advice—at least until you have a program that works for you, and know that you are performing the correct exercises and performing them properly. Again, if finances are an issue, you can opt for short-term start-up, small group training, or online training.

Personal trainers are excellent sources of inspiration, motivation, knowledge and advice. The good news is that today there are many training options available to choose from. Whether you decide on one-on-one personal training, small group training, or online training, there is a fitness training solution for everyone who really wants to make it happen.

About the Author

Carol is a freelance writer for a fitness website. She enjoys helping others stay fit and live healthy lives. She can be found at the gym or park if she is not busy writing.

This smoothie will enliven you in the morning – no caffeine needed! If desired, you can replace the raw chocolate with 70% drinking chocolate, and you can easily just leave out the maca powder and camu camu.

Raw Chocolate & Maca Smoothie


• 8.5oz (250ml) almond milk
• 1 banana
• ½ tsp vanilla extract
• 1 tsp agave nectar or a packet of Splenda
• 1 tbsp maca powder (preferably organic)
• 1 tsp camu camu (available in organic health food stores)
• 1 tbsp raw chocolate or 80% + dark chocolate


1. Put all the ingredients in the blender and pulse.
2. Pour into a serving glass and enjoy right away.

*Recipe and image courtesy of Valerie Orsoni, of*