Simple Craft Ideas That Make a Great Father’s Day Gift

While any dad is proud of the crafts his children make for him as Father’s Day gifts, it is particularly nice to give him something that is personalized and full of love. There are many possibilities, none of which is a wallet or gardening equipment. When Father’s Day nears, sometimes ideas can be hard to settle on, so there are a few nice crafts outlined below to give kids some good possibilities.

1. Create a special place mat for meals on Father’s Day. You can take a piece of fabric, cut out to the correct size, and paint a family scene on it or simply decorate and spell out ‘Happy Father’s Day’ with magic markers. Smaller children can help by making little handprints with finger paint. A gift like this is also wonderful for framing after the day is gone, so that it doesn’t get lost in the shuffle.

2. Forget buying a tie – bake a cake! You can buy a plain sheet cake at the supermarket or help the kids bake it themselves, then carefully cut it into the shape of a neck tie and re-frost it. The tie-shaped cake can be decorated with Dad’s favorite candies. Fine-tipped icing tubes are useful for writing a sweet message on the top. If Dad is diabetic, there are some wonderful online recipes that are appropriate for diabetic diets.

3. A memory book is a thoughtful craft for Father’s Day. It doesn’t have to be as fancy or complicated as a traditional scrapbook – it can be made of regular printer paper or construction paper folded over or stapled at one side to create a book. To avoid damaging cherished photographs, you can scan them and have the kids use copies. If the children have memories that they want to include but that there are no photos of, have them draw pictures of those memories to include. You can use stickers, ribbon, and markers to make borders for the photos or write down sweet messages for Dad to read.

4. Make a ‘Best Dad Award.’ Children can easily make this out of some cardboard from a leftover cardboard box. With cardboard, construction paper, markers, and stickers – and if you’re feeling brave, some glitter – they can make quite the nice Father’s Day trophy for their Dad. Gold star stickers and gold paint pens are particularly useful. If your children are competitive and can’t seem to make it work to create just one, this is a great, inexpensive craft project that can allow them each to make one. Dad will be gifted with a trophy from each child and the awards can make your kids proud when displayed on the mantle or on a shelf next to other trophies.

5. Help the kids to create a t-shirt that Dad can wear. You can find light colored t-shirts and undershirts for just a couple of dollars each, and with some fabric paint or fabric markers that can be made permanent, the sky is the limit! Whether your kids want to draw a scene or write out a Happy Father’s Day message of some variety, they can create a personalized shirt for any casual occasion that Dad will be proud to wear.

A wonderful Father’s Day gift does not have to be expensive. It doesn’t have to end at ties, tools, or neckwear. While sophisticated, grown-up gifts are all well and good, sometimes it truly is the thought that counts when Dad opens up a gift made by little hands.

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