You have probably dieted to lose weight, or tried a combination of diet and exercise to lose weight. Many of you probably also tried various forms of diets. But have you ever eaten food to lose weight? Sounds amazing, doesn’t it? Eat to lose weight? That’s exactly what we’re trying to illustrate here. Here are several types of food that you can eat during the day to help you lose weight.


• Spinach: 1 cup of spinach contains less than 20 calories. Steam your spinach, or stir fry it lightly with half a teaspoon of heart-healthy olive oil and spray pepper for taste. You can even layer steamed spinach over toast for a filling sandwich.
• Broccoli: Broccoli is very low calorie. You can have as much of this wonder vegetable as you want. It’s tasty eaten raw, steamed, grilled or stir-fried. Cook broccoli along with lentils and other vegetables and puree it. Go easy on salt and use sharp-tasting herbs such as thyme, lemon grass, rosemary, basil and marjoram to give your healthy soup taste. You will feel full and yet lose weight with this lightweight, high fiber, easy to digest meal.
• Sprouts: All kinds of sprouts are excellent for you, both in terms of managing weight and nutrition. Whip up a large bowl of salad with sprouts, cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers and other lightweight vegetables. Season with a light vinaigrette, or just use lemon juice, pepper, olive oil and a tiny pinch of salt. A filling salad such as this for lunch will keep you satiated for long and help you reduce weight.
• Lettuce: Lettuce is lightweight, packs in plenty of fiber and nutrients and makes for excellent salad filler. Use plenty of lettuce, especially the dark colored ones for losing weight and improving your immunity.
• Pumpkin: Pumpkin isn’t just for Halloween! This is a wonderful vegetable that can help you lose weight year-round. Pumpkin is low-calorie; it’s an excellent source of fiber and protein. Pumpkin soups, stews, baked and roasted pumpkins keep you full for a longer period of time.
• Zucchini: This tasty, water-filled soft vegetable can be had fried, grilled, steamed or cooked with other vegetables in stew. You can also throw some chopped zucchini in when you cook your pasta. Zucchini is low calorie, high fiber and high on essential nutrients. You can any amount of zucchini in a day and not put on weight.
• Beans: A great alternative to meat, beans, especially soybeans such as edamame offer you vast resources of protein at very less cost to your health. You can cook beans in a variety of interesting ways, using nonfat oils and ingredients. Beans are very high on fiber as well, which means using beans in your meals will keep you full longer and you won’t snack in the middle.


Replace all processed flour products with whole grain products. This includes bread, pasta, cookies and rolls. Oats, bulgur and wheat contain high fiber content, keeping you feeling full for longer. When you’re not tempted to overeat, you will lose weight. Eating whole grains will not only help you in weight loss, it’ll also help your body metabolize insulin better.
Say no to white pasta, white bread and cookies made of white flour. Switch to whole wheat or multi-grain bread for toast and sandwiches and see those inches melt away!


Seafood is an excellent choice for people wanting to lose weight. It’s high in lean protein and low on fat. Seafood helps boost your metabolism and also helps you body burn calories faster.
A single shrimp amounts only to 8 calories. A plate full of cooked or grilled shrimp with a basic nonfat dressing will leave you feeling while saving you from additional calories. Lean fish is high in unsaturated fat, which is fabulous for your heart. Eat fish two to three times a week to reduce risk of cardiovascular disease and cancer.


Fruits are packed with high quality nutrients and are naturally low in calories. The natural sugars contained in fruits will give you the energy boost you need without resorting to soda-based drinks. Eat at least 5 fresh fruits a day with the skin intact; this helps maximize your fiber intake and reduce weight naturally. Fruits keep you feeling full and also delight your palate. Shop for exotic fruits, make fruit salads, whip up smoothies using nonfat yoghurt, or even grill them for an additional flavor to keep your diet interesting.


A skinless chicken breast can give you all the protein that you can get from red meat, minus the calories and the saturated fat. Eating skinless white-meat poultry helps you feel full longer and you’ll also have more energy. You can eat lean chicken in a number of ways.


Fill up a bowl with bran-based cereal and add two spoons of wheatgerm into it for your breakfast. This high fiber, high nutrient food will keep you very full for long and will also give you the necessary energy. For a sugar boost, throw in a handful of raisins or sultanas. You can try a spoonful or honey as well, though honey is high in calories. Avoid sugar in your breakfast cereal at all costs.


Throw away the egg yolks that are nothing but an invitation to heart issues. Spare yourself the cholesterol grief and scramble two or three egg whites for your breakfast. Try this variation of the usual scrambled eggs. Use fat free oil spray on your pan, throw in the egg whites and add some chopped up spinach and mushrooms to it. Fry the eggs until nearly dry. You can use egg whites instead of whole eggs to make omelets as well.


Nothing is as filling as a good large bowl of salads made with low calorie and high nutrient content vegetables. Go liberal and throw in chopped tomatoes, carrots, beets of all colors, peppers of different colors, cabbage, cucumber and several others into your salad. No matter what vegetables you add to your salad, you won’t put on weight. The calories come in by way of the dressing you use. Throw away your heavy mayo, ranch and other cream based dressings. Use olive oil instead – olive oil contains omega 3 fatty acids that are extremely beneficial to your heart. Go easy on the olive oil, as it is high on calories. You can use a totally vegetable-based dressing for your salad as well, with tomato juice, yoghurt or lemon juice. Go easy on the salt and use pepper instead.

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