Yes, you read correctly! All-natural soda! Just in time for your 4th of July celebration, stock up on zero-calorie, all-natural and effervescent soda sweetened with nature’s sweetener, Stevia! With a flavor to rival any store bought sugary brand (Mountain Zevia or Lemon Lime Twist, anyone?), Zevia is a welcome and refreshing drink this summer. No more sugar blues after drinking regular soda, or feeling guilty over the artificial sweeteners you are consuming by choosing to drink diet soda. The company touts Zevia as “what soda should always have been” and “Mom” could not agree more! Now, you can let yourself and your family enjoy a soda without worry, and have that root beer float with organic vanilla ice cream as a special treat to stay cool!

Zevia is available in 12 flavors, including Black Cherry, Caffeine Free Cola, Cola, Cream Soda, Dr. Zevia, Ginger Ale, Ginger Root Beer, Grape, Grapefruit, Citrus, Lemon Lime Twist, Mountain Zevia, and Orange. “Mom’s” favorites are the Dr. Zevia and Orange – both are simply delightful with just the right amount of carbonation. Plus, the Orange is not artificially colored, and is actually clear in color, so if you have children, this is a big plus when it comes to spills!

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*Company geneorusly provided images and samples for this review.*

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  1. Jaye Denman
    Jaye Denman says:

    Zevia soft drinks are not only healthier alternatives to “regular” or “diet” soft drinks, but there is no measureable BPA in their cans.

    On the other hand, the Coca-Cola Company, in defiance of the proven health problems of BPA and other producers looking for alternative non-BPA packaging, is spending millions of dollars on lobbying and false publicity about BPA “safety” to try and thwart regulations against the chemical that mimics estrogen in the body.

    I think all consumers who care about their families’ health should boycott the Coca-Cola Company and not buy any of their un-safe products. Teach them a lesson–that consumers are NOT helpless! We have an alternative. Zevia soft drinks taste good and are healthy. Go Zevia! Down with Coke!

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