5 Top Uses for Lemon Juice

Lemon, scientifically referred to as Citrus Limon, is a fruit that resembles an orange only that it is bitter and has more therapeutic properties and more practical applications than the orange.

Actually, lemon juice has been used since time immemorial for its therapeutic properties and as a powerful anti-poison. Today, lemon is considered one of the few super foods in the world, with various cosmetic and health benefits worth mentioning. Following are some of the top 5 uses of lemon juice used today!

Reducing the Risks of Cancer – Yes, thanks to its powerful antioxidant, flavanoid, the intake of lemon juice on a regular basis has been proven to help fight cancerous cells. The antibiotic effects of flavonoids have proven very effective in stopping the division and multiplication of cells in most cancer cases.

So, if you come from a history of cancer, then you might want to make lemon juice part and parcel of your regular dietary plan. You don’t have to drink it concentrated (actually you may not be able to do it), but mixing it in equal parts with distilled warm water can help.

Fight wrinkles and aging – While aging is a natural process, not everyone would like to age as fast as the process goes naturally. If the current statistics are however anything to go by, then lemon juice could be a fountain of youth, helping you to age gracefully as you take every stride of the way. For wrinkles, mixing lemon juice, yoghurt, and strawberries, and pureeing them together before applying on the skin, can help even out fine lines and conceal deep wrinkles.

When consumed, lemon juice helps flush out harmful toxins from the body, it helps open skin pores from the inside out. Lemon juice also helps awaken dead cells, accelerate your metabolism and help get rid of cholesterol, thus helping you remain youthful and active for long. It is a well known fact that most people today are aging faster than they should.

The perfect cough syrup – Yes, there is a natural cough syrup in the name of lemon juice that will help you and/ or your children. When you mix equal parts of lemon juice and honey for the kids (to make it sweeter), and mix half a liter of lemon juice with 2-3 teaspoons of honey, and take the concoction three or four times daily, then you can be guaranteed of getting rid of not only the cough but also all cold and flu related complications. Being all natural, you shouldn’t expect any side effects from its use.

Nail hardener – Take a lemon and slice it into wedges, then rub a wedge on your fingernails and toe nails. The high acidity levels of the lemon juice will help clean out the dirt and brighten your nails. This will keep your nails looking brighter and cleaner, especially if they are color damaged from the use of nail polish.

Cooking fish – Many people abhor the smell of fish, and lemon juice can actually get rid of it. Squeeze some lemon juice on fish before and/or after cooking fish to help get rid of the smell and give it a whole new flavor.

When it comes to lemon and lemon juice, you can never know everything because there are just too many ways on how it can be used. These are just a few practical applications.

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