Mom” had the recent opportunity to interview Tereson Dupuy, a smart & forward-thinking mom who developed a modern cloth diaper called FuzziBunz®to help ease her son’s discomfort from severe diaper rash. Founded in 2000, her ideas launched the reinvention of cloth diapering that you see today – with FuzziBunz at the forefront!

An Interview with Tereson Dupuy, Creator of FuzziBunz®

Tell us about your eco-inspired company!

FuzziBunz was inspired by my son, Eden, who as a baby suffered from severe diaper rash. When the doctor told me the chemicals in disposable diapers were irritating his skin, I switched to cloth. When I found that cloth diapers were hard to use and icky, I decided to invent a modern cloth diaper, now known as FuzziBunz! FuzziBunz can prevent thousands of diapers from just one family from entering our landfills!

How do you choose to go green in your own life?

We recycle when we can, compost everything, use environmentally responsible chemicals and of course promote reusable items as much as possible over anything disposable!

Guilty green pleasure?

On occasion, I will use paper plates, but I am always sure that the plates can be recycled when I’m through with them. Another guilty pleasure I enjoy is shopping at Whole Foods. It’s a bit expensive, but I feel more green when I shop there and I can’t resist all the great “green” stuff!

Can you offer any encouraging words for those with a small sustainable business?

Don’t let naysayers get you down. When I first started by business people told me no one would want to go back to using cloth diapers. Boy were they wrong! If I had listened to them, there wouldn’t have been a modern cloth diapering movement like there is today. So I tell sprouting business owners to stick with their ideas and don’t listen to naysayers – think positively and attract positive energy. It works!

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