Be a ‘Cool’ Mom: Entertain Your Kids with Eco-Friendly Outdoor Activities, Water Sports, and Games

Perhaps you’ve realized that the family vacation, summer camp, and vacation bible school are over, but you’ve still got a lot of summer left, and the kids are whining, “What can we do now…we’re so bored?” Be the cool Mom and entertain them with eco-friendly outdoor activities, water sports, and games!

1. Traditional Outdoor Activities and Water Sports Can’t be Beat.

• Spend the day ‘camping’ by a mountain stream. Take your tent and all of your basic camping equipment, and visit a national park, or watering hole. If hard core camping isn’t for you…gather up blankets or sleeping bags, and ‘camp’ out in the park, for the day. Take plenty of water and snacks. If you’re near a brook or stream get out the water shoes and search for turtles and tadpoles.

• For suburbanites, check with your local fire station to see if firefighters will open up a hydrant. If not, head to your local recreational area, college campus, or park, and play a round of Frisbee golf.

• Don’t forget kayaking, tubing, rafting, or wading. This free activity will keep everyone cool and refreshed. Announce that you are ‘going on an adventure.’

2. Make a Hit with Geo Caching.

• Geo Caching is a modern day scavenger hunt/treasure hunt. Go to the geo caching website, and enter your zip code. The website directs you to geo caching in your area.

• Use this official Geo Caching link:

• To download a smart phone app go to :

• The fun for your kids is in the ‘search.’ The benefit for you is that your kids may use logic, science, sleuthing, math, reading, and perhaps even GPS technology, to locate the geo cache. If your kids enjoy this activity, help them write the clues and hide their own geo cache. This is good, clean, addicting family fun for all ages!

3. If You’re Stuck at Home, Try These Cool Water Sports and Games:

• Go Fishin’: Get a large bucket or tub. Put marbles or smooth rocks in the bottom of the bucket. Partially fill the tub with water. Add ice cubes for a cool refreshing treat! Form teams or run a stop watch for a set time period, and see who can pick up the most marbles or rocks with their toes!

• Balance the Bucket: Have two or more kids, who are wearing water shoes, lie on their backs, with their feet up in the air, so that they are touching and making a ‘platform.’ Place a plastic bucket, containing water, on top of the ‘shoe platform.’ See how the kids work together as a team to try to remove their shoes, without upsetting the bucket of water.

• Sponge Tag or Sponge Dodge: Go to the Dollar Store and buy big car washing sponges. Wet the sponges and play ‘tag’ with the wet sponges, or play sponge dodge, like ‘dodge ball’, exchanging balls, for sponges. After the games, recycle the sponges by using them when doing chores.

• Ice Cube Architecture: Freeze water in ice cube trays and grab a salt shaker. Allow your kids to make castles, buildings, bridges, or other art forms, by shaking a small amount of salt on an ice cube which will cause it to melt slightly, and re-freeze when pressed onto another ice cube.

Enjoy the outdoors while you can, when winter arrives, you’ll think back on all the fun you had this summer with eco-friendly outdoor activities, water sports, and games!

About the Author

Susan Cobb Singleton is a freelance writer and mom. She is also a staff writer for, a site with advice on ACH (air changes per hour) and make-up air.

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