Environmental Awareness Starts At Home

Environmental awareness is a movement that has seen quite a surge in recent years. Society has become more aware that our planet is in danger and that it’s up to us to save it, especially since Earth has given us so much. But our efforts will be rendered moot or completely reversed if we don’t pass on this same awareness to the next generation. Teaching our kids about environmental awareness will ensure that their future is one filled with fresh air, clear skies and fresh, natural food.


Recycling is often one of the first environmental lessons that we learn. It’s something that’s both easy to do and extremely necessary in order to keep unnecessary mountains of trash from accumulating in landfills and garbage dumps. Teach your kids how to properly separate plastics, glass, cardboard and other recyclable materials. If your neighborhood doesn’t have a recycling program, petition your neighbors and city officials and explain to them the importance of recycling. This will also teach your children how to work for progress in their neighborhood, their lives and their world.

Air Pollution

Breathing air filled with pollutants can lead to respiratory problems which can cost us thousands of dollars to treat and has the potential to effect us for the rest of our lives if it’s an especially serious respiratory problem. Teach your child about hybrid cars, even if you don’t drive one. Just because you don’t have something doesn’t mean that your child shouldn’t be aware of it. Take the bus or any other form of mass transportation with your child and explain the various advantages of this including saving money on gas, reducing the amount of harmful emissions in the air and saving on other car expenses. Biking is another excellent option to spend time with your child, exercise and teach them about saving the environment.


Other things you can do is simply educate your child on the environment, the ecosystem and why it’s so important that these two remain in balance. It’s also a good idea to make sure that your child is learning about these things in school as they may or may not be getting a well-rounded education and therefore a well-rounded idea/opinion from their teachers.


If you can, buy organic food or at least healthy food. Show your child the kinds of delicious and healthy foods that come straight from the earth rather than the unhealthy food that has been treated with chemicals and additives. Grow a small garden in your yard with your children and show them how fun it can be to grow your own food. There’s nothing more exciting than planting a seed, caring for it and watching it blossom into fruits and vegetables. Not only will this help educate your child, it will help save you money as well, and that’s another lesson that’s excellent for your child to learn.

Our efforts to save the environment shouldn’t end with us. The next generation should pass on the torch to their children and let the cycle continue. Recycling doesn’t have to be limited to the environment, it should be applied to our lives and future lives as well.

About the Author

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