Frugal Outdoor Summer Activities for Families

The summer heat is upon us and with it, the familiar refrain “I’m bored!” from the kids. A whole day of nothing to do can quickly turn into an expensive day as you try to entertain the kids with activities, meals out and trips. However, there are numerous activities which are inexpensive or even free.

Library Programs for Kids

Even if you’re kids aren’t big readers yet, the library is awonderful resource for things to do during the summers. You probably already know about story time for the little ones, but libraries often offer numerous programs for older kids, teens and adults during the summer.

Everything from free magic shows to craft classes goes on the schedule at many local libraries. Some libraries even offer clubs and day trips for seniors. Just stop by the librarians’desk for a schedule and suggestions of offerings for different age groups.

Volunteer as a Family

Volunteering is an excellent activity for families to dotogether. The nice thing about volunteering is that there are so many different opportunities out there. Even if they don’t normally take children asvolunteers, they will normally work something out if the parents will be present.

Families can spend the day with animals at shelter, feeding or playing with kids at a shelter or halfway house or even building houses for amazing organizations like Habitat for Humanity. To volunteer as a family unit, callthe main volunteer coordinator for the organization and ask about opportunities.

Free Public Parks

The nice things about public parks are that they are freeand come with built in playmates. Load up the car with the whole family, a homemade lunch and a variety of outdoor toys like bubbles, baseballs and basketballs, Frisbees and the family dog. An entire day can be lazed away lying on the grass with the adults while the kids are kept occupied with their new friends on the playground.

Family activities don’t have to cost a lot; in fact, they really don’t have to cost anything at all. Just the act of spending time, all together, makes those summer days special. If you’re stuck for ideas, think back to what you did as a kid, then pull the kids away from the video games and drag them outside with you!

About the Author

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