Keeping pesky bugs and critters away from your home has never been safer or easier than with Orange Guard! “Mom” was sent Orange Guard to review, and wow – this powerful spray just continues to impress our household with its ability to kill insects on contact. Beware – cockroaches! Stay away you big, bad wolf spiders! Yes, these two pests were sprayed with Orange Guard when found in “Mom’s” home, and within seconds, each one was pronounced dead as a doornail.

What “Mom” loves about this all-natural, water-based, non-toxic spray is that it is safe to use around pets and humans, with the active ingredient d-Limonene (orange peel extract), which is found in citrus peels. It smells fantastic, as well! How does it kill on contact? When applied directly to an insect, d-Limonene destroys the wax coating of an insect’s respiratory system, so the insect suffocates. When Orange Guard is sprayed around the home as a preventative measure, the citrus fragrance of d-Limonene acts as a natural repellent. More questions? You can learn about Orange Guard and how it works here.

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*Company generously provided images and samples for this review.*