Is it time to head back-to-school already? Kati Chevaux, organizational expert and editor at, the No.1 online and mobile family calendar, recommends the following 3 tips to make this fall’s back-to-school transition smooth for everyone involved.

3 Ways to Get Organized for the New School Year

1. Set the daily “times.” You can be firm or flexible, but be sure to let the kids know your expectation forthe daily schedule. Include bedtime, wake-up time and the time you’ll leave the house for school. Schedule blocks of time for homework, music practice, and other daily commitments and extra-curriculars.

2. Hold a family meeting. Scheduling a weekly meeting with the family might seem unnecessary, but it’s actually one of the best ways to communicate expectations, go over the schedule and resolve conflicts that come up during the week.

3. Share the three keys to keeping stuff organized. Teach your kids the following principles: Everything needs a place to call home; If something comes in, then something goes out; Leave things ready for the next time you need them.

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