5 Healthy Organic Snacks for Moms-on-the-Go

If you are a mom on-the-go, you know how difficult it can be to keep your kids both full and energized. It can be easy to acquiesce to your kids’ demands. Due to the intense marketing efforts of the McDonald’s corporation, many children often demand items from the dollar menu or want to get the Happy Meal toys; however, to satisfy their children’s cravings, parents should keep healthy food options in their pantry, fridge and especially when they’re on-the-go. This can help both parents and their little ones avoid mid-afternoon McDonald’s binges. Here are five healthy, organic snacks that can help meet hungry children’s demands before they fall victim to the empty promises of those golden arches.

Is it Hot in Here? No, it’s Amy’s Organic Chili!

Amy’s Kitchen Brand has been a favorite of many parents for years. After all, kids love comfort food, especially chili, and this product gives them a good amount of protein without compromising taste. The brand has chili in many varieties, including a low sodium option, a black bean chili, and a southwestern chili.

Cut up Some Fresh Vegetables and Make them Tasty: Spectrum Organic Salad Dressing

It can be hard to please kids when it comes to eating vegetables. However, try dressing up your raw carrots or celery with an organic salad dressing by Spectrum, and the same vegetables become much more appealing. Kids usually love the creamy ranch variety, which is organic and not too high in calories. If your children are adventurous, let them try the pomegranate chipotle dressing, which is sweet with a bit of tang and spice!

Sunridge Farms Trail Mix

Instead of giving your kids potato chips or French fries, try giving them a bag of Sunridge Farms trail mix. This snack option comes in many varieties. You can choose a trail mix including dried fruits, nuts, sesame sticks, and/or chocolate. It’s a great afternoon snack for kids, or you can pack a small container full of the trail mix as a chip substitute in their lunchboxes.

Country Choice Oatmeal On-the-Run

Oddly, kids usually abhor oatmeal, which is why you see so many oatmeal packets out there with lots of sugar in it. To avoid those unhealthy packets, try a great organic oatmeal bar, like Country Choice’s oatmeal on the run bars. These are satisfying in terms of both nutrition and appetite. Try giving your kids these bars for breakfast or as an afternoon snack!

Pirates Booty: Vegetable Flavored Rice Corn Puffs

The fun packaging of the Pirates Booty brand may be enough to get your kids excited about this great snack. With a blend of fresh vegetables baked into a delicious rice puff, this snack satisfies nutritional requirements and snacking urges. Try substituting one of these products as an alternative to chips or candy any day!

About the Author

This guest post was contributed by Leslie Johnson, who writes about health, green living, and parenting-related articles at masters in health administration.

*Image provided by Sunridge Farms.*