Create Your Own Natural Jewelry

Crafts are a great way for you to participate in an activity with your children, keeping them happy and occupied and giving them the pride involved in producing something of value. An excellent craft idea that can keep kids entertained for hours is creating jewelry from natural materials. Not only will your children enjoy crafting their own fashion accessories, they’ll also love going out into nature and finding interesting items to use as materials. Also, if you make it a regular occurrence, your children will grow in skill and could eventually go from making simple necklaces to earrings to mens rings and, eventually, women’s rings or cufflinks.

Finding Materials

Jewelry can be made from nearly anything, making it incredibly easy to find things in nature to use to create beautiful accessories. Take your kids for a walk on some park trails, keeping an eye out for small, smooth stones, interesting fallen branches or, if you’ve brought a plastic bag and gloves, feathers. Look around in stream beds for stones that have been worn smooth by the water or, if you live close to a beach, ones that have been polished by waves. Beaches can be a great place to find seashells of all types, sizes and colors, too. In addition to finding items to use in your crafts, you and your children can get outside, exercise and spend time playing together.

Preparing Your Supplies

Getting your finds ready to use in constructing your jewelry is a pretty simple, straight-forward process. For things like stones and shells, you can scrub and disinfect them, then use a small rotary tool to smooth any sharp edges and cut holes so they can be mounted on string or wire. Wood requires a bit more work, but any cutting or drilling can still be done with a rotary tool. You can stain the wood to better match whatever project you and your children are working on and you’ll want to seal it to prevent it from rotting if it gets wet. Feathers can be cleaned with a mix of corn meal, white flour, and powdered borax. Place the feathers in a bag with the cleaning agents and shake until they’re clean.

Finding fun activities that you can do with your children can be difficult, especially if you have children who are several years apart. Jewelry-making can be the perfect addition to your routine, because it allows your children to express themselves creatively while producing something fun and giving them a sense of accomplishment. The jewelry they make can be simple or extravagant, depending on the tastes and skills of the creator, meaning that small children and teenagers can share in the process and each produce something that matches their level of development. Finding the materials and preparing them can be a fun activity as well. Children will love walking along trails at a park, looking for interesting stones and other materials they can use for their creations. Getting them ready for use as crafting supplies usually only requires a good washing and a rotary tool.

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