Grilling fruit is a great way to make it more interesting. Plums are an excellent source of the antioxidants anthocyanins, which are commonly found in red and purple fruits and vegetables, and vitamin C.

Grilled Plums with Yogurt Dip


4 plums
Olive oil
Nonstick cooking spray
1 cup nonfat Greek or plain yogurt
4 tsp honey


Cut the plums in half by cutting along the seam to the pit, then show your child how to twist each half in opposite directions to separate them. Remove the pits.

Help him to lightly brush the plums with olive oil, using his fingers, and set them aside.

Spray the grill with cooking spray and heat it to medium-high. When it is hot, add the plums to the grill and cook for about 5 minutes. Flip the plums and cook on the other side for another 5 minutes.

While the plums are grilling, ask your child to add the yogurt and honey to a bowl and mix them together using a fork until they are well combined.

When the plums are finished cooking, remove them from the grill and set one plum on each plate. Help your child spoon approximately ¼-cup of the yogurt-honey dip on each plate (next to or on top of the plums — he
can decide).

*Recipe and image courtesy of We Can Cook, by Jessica Levinson and Maja Pitamic.*