If You Love a Horse Tale

Snuggle up together after a long day at school to enjoy these two children’s classics in one elegantly illustrated book, If You Love a Horse Tale. Children ages 5 and up will enjoy turning each page of the book, as the details change in the picture as the page turns, creating another beautiful scene! The two stories chosen for this adaptation are Black Beauty and The Knight’s Mare, which spark your child’s imagination as you read them together.

Black Beauty is the well-known and beloved tale of a high spirited young colt who is passed from owner to owner during his lifetime, sometimes suffering mistreatment, but always serving his masters to the best of his ability.

The Knight’s Mare is a lesser-known tale that gets a much-deserved retelling in this handsome volume. It’s the story of an impoverished knight, his horse, and a wicked duke’s charming daughter, Charlotte, whom the knight hopes to marry.

Whether as a gift for your young reader, or just because you enjoy reading engaging stories with your little one, If You Love a Horse Tale is sure to delight the whole family! If You Love a Horse Tale was illustrated by Susanna Lockheart, with the stories adapted by Saviour PirottaIt. A copy of this fabulous read can be purchased online at BarronsEduc.com.

*Company generously provided a copy of the book and images for this review.*