Parenting 101: Ensuring Toddlers Safety While At Play

Parenting is a difficult task and responsibility because it does not only involve the provision of material things that money can buy, but parents have to invest time, emotion and dedication to ensure that their children are safe from all possible sources of harm.

Now matter how adorable, lovable and cuddly toddlers are to everybody, they are also a cause of worries and concern to parents and those who care for them. As they start to walk and crawl, parents are no longer at ease due to the danger they might experience in this stage of development. It cannot be denied that it is in this stage where infants start to eat anything that they see and put to mouth anything they come across with. It is also in this stage that they are very curious of all the things that catch their attention. Because of these dangers, parents should impose child safety measures to ensure their welfare and safety at all times.

To ensure their safety is not an easy task for parents due to the myriad of dangers that infants encounter everyday; from the toys they play to the food they eat. With the onset of fake and substandard toys sold in the market, it is a must for them to choose the right one which ensures their safety and welfare.

With numerous product recalls of toys nowadays, parents can no longer trust which toys are safe for their babies. News abound far and wide that some of the renowned toys sold in stores contain lead, a chemical that is dangerous to the health of children once ingested. Since toys play a vital role in their early development, parents should be careful with their selection and purchases. So, how can parents ensure their toddlers safety? What steps should they follow to ensure that they purchase the right toys for their children?

Below are suggestions on the proper purchase of toys:

● Before buying toys for infants and toddlers, parents should consider the interest, hobbies and age of their children. These factors are vital in assessing the types of toys they need. Remember that different age brackets have suitable toys recommended for them, thus parents should be watchful about it.
● Parents should make it a habit to read product packaging carefully to know if the products they bought are suitable for their children. Majority of toy manufacturers print the chemical composition of these toys on packaging and the suggested age of children who can use the products.
● Avoid buying toys which contain toxic chemicals because they are detrimental to the health and safety of children.
● Parent should be on the look out for developments and updates about toys and product recalls. They should buy toys which are made from non-toxic and environmentally-friendly substances.
● They should avoid buying toys with small parts to avoid being ingested by children.
● They should supervise and observe their children during play and should be watchful for toy parts which are easily removed.
● Parents should ensure that toys are clean and sanitized before they start playing. This can prevent the onset of bacteria, virus and microorganisms by washing washable toys and spraying antibacterial spray.
● They should check toys periodically to assess damage and missing parts.

These are just some of the safety measures and suggestions to ensure the safety of young children. It is important to take note of these to be able to safeguard and protect the child’s health and protection.

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