Naturally cleanse the air while energizing the space with healthy, positive ions with a little help from an Aroma Salt Lamp from! Made of Himalayan Rock Salt and chiseled in the Himalayans, this unique lamp is the perfect soft lighting addition to any home. Weighing just 2-3 lbs. the Aroma Salt Lamp comes with a glass plate that can be used with essential oils to add any natural aroma you choose, from Lavender to Lemongrass. Just set the glass on top of the Aroma Salt Lamp and add the essential oil of choice to set the mood!

For those sensitive to energy (such as “Mom“), a Himalayan Rock Salt lamp may not be ideal in a place where you intend to rest, such asthe bedroom. An office, living room or family room may be better suited so as not to keep you wired when it is bedtime!

No matter what size Himalayan Rock Salt lamp you choose, they are a gorgeously green addition to the home! “Mom’s” is placed in the living room, and emits a beautiful soft glow, which is especially pretty at dusk and into the evening.

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*Company generously provided samples and images for this piece.*