Easy Tips to go Greener in Every Room of the House

Eco-friendliness is a hotly debated topic due to the effects of climate change and global warming. Many homeowners are opting for a greener approach to their home life in an attempt to prevent further damage to the planet. There are a lot of ideas being thrust at homeowners telling them how they can make their home more eco-friendly. Rather than being bombarded with an abundance of information on how to completely change your life it’s better to gradually go greener. Why not try using one simple green tip for each room of the house?

The bathroom may not seem like it has much potential in the way of being green, after all this is where litres of water are used daily. So many homes are guilty of a leaky bathroom, which is an incredible waste of water and electricity. Regularly checking the basin and bath taps and the toilet can help to prevent the chance of long-term leaks. Leaking taps and toilets don’t only waste water they could be responsible for topping up your electricity and water bills – now – that’s a real incentive for some quick DIY.

Become self-sufficient in the seasoning of your food by growing your own herbs. Not only will this provide you with a constant supply of fresh herbs (which are miles better than their dried counterparts) the oxygen that plants produce also improves air quality – vital for human health. Herb plants are generally low maintenance, just place them on the windowsill and keep them regularly watered and out of reach of mischievous household pets.

Home Office
If you have a study or home office then stock it with plenty of eco-friendly stationery. Many office supplies companies offer recycled stationery for the same or a similar price as their non-recycled counterparts. Don’t forget to avoid printing out unnecessary documents and always recycle waste paper to reduce deforestation.

Some homeowners are opting for artificial greenery in their garden due to their convenience. Grass requiring no maintenance may seem like an ingenious invention, however this is depriving insects and birds of their natural habitats. Artificial grass can be expensive too so you can save yourself some money by keeping the real deal. If the thought of mowing the lawn makes your eyes water and nose itch then why not pay one of your children or neighbour a small amount every week to cut it? This means you can keep your lavish greenery and give your child a money earning opportunity.

The bedroom, much like the bathroom may seem like a difficult room to turn green. Organic bed linen could be the solution to the lack of your eco-friendly inspiration. It’s free from chemicals and other additives which are often present in regular mattresses and bed linen – enabling you to sleep easy knowing you’re helping the planet.

Living Room
Although energy saving light bulbs may seem like an obvious and overrated option, they’re really as valuable as they’re made out to be. Many people like to leave their living room lights on during their absence to deter burglars – this can be a great waste of energy and a huge contributor to high electricity bills. If you feel you really must leave a light on for added security you should definitely switch to energy saving light bulbs as they carry a longer life and don’t consume as much electricity.

Going green can be a big lifestyle change, but once you have been initiated as an eco-friendly home and can see the benefits you can begin to introduce even greener habits. If you’re ready to save the planet and some hard earned cash then consider going green to keep your cash flow in the black.

*Image: anankkml / FreeDigitalPhotos.net.*