How to Plan an Eco-Friendly Baby Shower

Do you have a baby shower to plan for an eco-friendly mother? Well, here are several tips that can help you give her a memorable and fun day, and that will make her and Mother Earth very happy.

1. Stick to creative gifts.

This might sound like a cliche, but the best gifts for new mothers are usually those that take time and effort to make. Think about it. How many clothes do newborn babies actually need? Not a lot. So, giving mothers healthy meals in freezer containers that are reusable would be worth so much more to them. After all, new moms need to eat healthily as they relax and enjoy their new babies, right? So, how about throwing a casserole shower instead? Encourage all of the guests to bring easy meals and healthy casseroles in reusable containers that the mother can keep for this. This is sure to keep the baby shower fresh, upbeat and green.

2. Get rid of everything disposable.

Although they might be convenient, do not use any disposable plastic forks and spoons or paper plates at the baby shower. Use cheap melamine plates instead. You can even encourage all of the guests to take some of them home, so you don’t need to wash them. If you want, you can also put heirloom dishes to use instead or hold the baby shower in an actual restaurant if you can afford it. In the end, the choice is yours.

3. Encourage less packaging, if any at all.

Encourage all of the guests to use cloth wrappings and reusable gift bags for their gifts and remind them to write their names on removable cards, too. To really get the guests in the mood, you can give prizes out to the most creative and eco-friendly packaging, as well. To get inspiration for this yourself, just read some books or learn about Japanese wrapping. It’s fun!

4. Go organic.

If you decide to serve your own food, make sure it is organic and locally grown. Fruits tend to be the best choices in this department since pregnant women will have no trouble eating fruits, no matter how green they might be.

5. Go green with the invitations.

Instead of sending out invitations through the mail, use electronic invites instead and ask people to respond through email. Not only will you reduce paper waste this way, but the mother you are throwing the shower for is sure to appreciate the effort.

Yes, it is completely possible to give green moms a fun baby shower and set a great example of eco-friendly stewardship while you’re at it. All it takes is a bit of preparation and some creativity and you can have the most environmentally friendly baby shower on the block.

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