How to Recover from a Threekend (3 day holiday weekend)

Everyone knows how to prepare for a 3day weekend, but not that many people know how to plan AFTER the 3 day holiday weekend is over. The Labor Day weekend is synonymous with relaxation, family time, barbecues, and the infamous day nap.

The day after the holiday is over, reality sets in and everyone goes back to their original scheduled program. Except, there is nothing normal about the day after a major holiday. You spend the first half of the day struggling to get up for work, school, kids or whatever your days consist of currently. Then of course you have to reminisce about how much fun was had, and how you wish this day never came. So the question is: How do I recover from a 3 day weekend?

Here are some tips to keep in mind!

Get enough sleep the night before. It’s easy to think “This is my vacation, I can stay up as late as I want”. It IS your vacation, but your vacation ENDS tomorrow AM. You have to treat it as a sunday night no matter what day it is.

Get as much work done BEFORE you start your vacation. A big part of why the first days after a vacation are so hard, is that there is a lot of work left over that was never finished. Do yourself a favor, get it done before.
Have a good breakfast the moment you wake up. You will need as much energy as you can get and a breakfast will help you get there.

Don’t schedule anything for the kids. Kids, believe it or not, also need to relax. Scheduling kids activity the day after you get back will add more stress to your day. Keep it light if possible. Have something to look forward to, Whether it’s a cake you’ve been wanting to bake, a friend you’ve been wanting to meet up with, etc. Having something to look forward to will make it easier for you to wake up and the day will fly by!

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