How to Make Spider Earrings with Recycled Materials

To celebrate the upcoming Halloween, most people are busy with designing a special costume, mask or make-up. Actually speaking, this is rather meaningful. Here is a tutorial, guiding you on how to make a pair of spider earrings with recycled materials. To make some fantastic transformations on your appearance without breaking the eco-friendly rules sounds great, right? Now, let’s begin.

Required materials: a hairpin with a string of beads, thread, needle, non-woven fabric, iron wires, glue and a pair of used earring drops.

Step 1: pick off all beads from your hairpin.

Step 2: thread a needle. With it, you can bunch all beads easily.

Step 3: twine threads inside the beaded circle. So a net look is created.

Step 4: then, let’s make the spider. You can find some thin iron wires and bend them to be this shape. Also, you can use staple pins directly. Non-woven fabric needs to be prepared here too.

Step 5: put two bended iron wires into a crossed shape. Place them on an oblong piece of non-woven cloth. Fix them by glue.

Step 6: just as the picture shows, take another two iron wires and place them to be back-to-back.

Step 7: for sure, the complicated structure and glue in the middle should be hidden. So, twine non-woven fabric on the middle part, fully covering those interface points.

Step 8: penetrate the needle with thread at one end of the spider, where is covered by cloth. Make sure the thread is long enough because it will be tied with the above circle later.

Step 9: tie the spider with above beaded circle. You can knit two threads together, for a better look.

Step 10: append the used earring drop on the half-completed earrings. The spider earrings have been completed.

Step 11: so your earrings finally look like this.

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