It is delivery innovation at its most refreshing! ACTIVATE is a hydrating and nutrient enhanced water beverage combined with your daily dose of vitamins. Wait, you think! Hasn’t that been done already? In actuality, no! Other vitamin enhanced beverages allow the supplement to be immersed in water, losing their effectiveness and potency over time. Why Is ACTIVATE different? ACTIVATE stores the active ingredients inside the uniquely shaped cap, and with a simple twist when ready to quench your thirst, the vitamins are released into the beverage! What a convenient way to take your vitamins – no need to choke down large, oversized pills and capsules!

Mom” is in love with ACTIVATE, which offers the following flavors: Vitamin/Fruit Punch, Immunity/Orange, Energy/Lemon-Lime, Antioxidant Berry, Workout/Pink Grapefruit, Workout/Grape, Workout/Passion Fruit and Deionized Water. All ACTIVATE drinks are naturally sweetened with Stevia, and contain noo calories, no sugar, and no preservatives! Plus, the bottles are made using 100% post-consumer recyled plastic, so ACTIVATE is as good for you as it is good for the planet!

The ideal beverage for those on-the-go with active lifestyles, ACTIVATE is the new drink of choice! ACTIVATE retails at $1.99 per bottle and $9.20 for a 4 pack. To find the nearest location to ACTIVATE, check out the store locator, or purchase ACTIVATE online at

*Company generously provided samples and images for this piece.*